Words of Life: A glimpse of heaven

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At times we catch a glimpse of a world beyond this one—in the laughter of a child, in the wistful longing of an elderly friend, in a haunting piece of music or in a moment of worship. We catch the sound of a voice, unknown yet strangely familiar, calling us home.

Whose is that voice? Where does this homing instinct that stirs within us come from? What is the purpose of our life?

This edition of Words of Life looks at some of these deep questions. The edition leads us through themes of worship and heaven, chapters in Luke’s Gospel, the Psalms and the book of Acts, the Old Testament book of Joel and readings for Pentecost.

May this edition open our eyes to a world beyond and bring us a glimpse of heaven. Perhaps if we knew what lies ahead tomorrow, we would know how to live today.

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