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Congress Update

Commissioner Grace E. Chang, territorial president of women’s organizations, has announced plans for the 1997 Victory Congress Women’s Celebration, “Victorious Living.” Featuring a wide variety of participants from all across the territory, the event will focus on the daily struggles and victories of women in modern society.

“We will explore the problems that all women face on a daily basis. More importantly, we will celebrate the victory that every woman can experience in Jesus Christ,” said Commissioner Chang. “As such, we are inviting soldiers and all friends of the Army. The Celebration is not just for Salvationists, but for any woman who wants a deeper spiritual experience with the Lord.”

Consistent with its title, the Women’s Celebration will revolve around three primary themes: witnessing God’s power, feeling his presence, and renewing our passion for him. “Those who attend will be able to experience real-life stories of victory,” said Commissioner Chang. “With the pageantry of this territory and the solid Bible teaching of Mrs. General Kay F. Rader, the program will be a life-changing one for everyone present.”

In fact, during a recent visit to the USA Eastern Territory, Mrs. General Rader anticipated the celebration when she said that where God is, there is power, and where there is power, there is victory.

Also scheduled to appear at the Celebration are Mike and Jenny Clark, territorial evangelists in the United Kingdom Territory, who are well-known in this part of the world. Said Commissioner Chang, “The Clarks are gifted worship leaders, and we are fortunate to have them with us. They will certainly bring an additional dimension to the Celebration.”

Women who are interested in attending this event should contact the local Salvation Army for more information. Child care will be provided.

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