WMI Attendance Reveals Strong Brass Interest

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Music Heralds Summer’s End

WMI Band


WMI­Bandmaster Ivor Bosanko (r) runs the WMI Band through its paces. Special guest, YP B/M Carl Saunders, is seated on the end of the front cornet row.


by Fiona Pearce – 

Ninety-nine students–almost three-quarters of whom were brass instrumentalists–came from across the Western Territory and beyond for the 1998 Western Music Institute, held recently at Camp Redwood Glen.

This year’s special guest was Y.P. Bandmaster Carl Saunders from the Cardiff Canton Corps in Wales. Another special guest was International Staff Songster Sharon Phillips, who led the timbrels.

The week’s musical progress was demonstrated at the final festival, chaired by Lt. Colonel Raymond L. Peacock. The two equal bands each gave exciting presentations. The WMI band delivered the first west coast performance of Kenneth Downie’s “The Pilgrims,” and accompanied Carl Saunders in the cornet solo “Life Abundant.” The vocal program reached a high standard with songs including Eric Ball’s “The Magnificat.” Fine performances were also given by the Vocal School, the WMI Timbrels and the Contemporary Vocal group.

The Stillwell Award, given to the top student, went to Joy Leslie (Del Oro). The Crestmont Award, given to the corps whose delegation earns the highest point total, went to the Pasadena Tabernacle.

Vocal pins went to Joy Leslie (Del Oro); and Tom Freeman, Andy Yasutake and Jim Sparks (So. Cal.) Band pins were presented to Andy Yasutake, Andy Newell (International); Laura Sparks (Southwest); David VanderWeele (So. Calif.) Cole Bennett (Del Oro); and Nathan Pace (Cascade).

The WMI Sight Reading Band was renamed after the late Del Oro Bandmaster Richard Spicer in tribute to his hard work and successful leadership.

Commissioners David and Doreen Edwards were special guests for the extra concert given at Mount Hermon, which showed what a high musical standard can be achieved in just two days. Edwards also led the Sunday morning service.

Majors Douglas and Diane O’Brien, College for Officer Training leaders, blessed all during the Friday evening worship service.

WMI 1998 had the largest delegation in several years. The caliber of music was of a high level and delegates of younger average age. This displays the dedication and commitment to musicianship of all involved and the bright outlook for the future of music in The Salvation Army.

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