‘Windows of the World’

A Gospel Arts Celebration

Event planned for Saturday, June 10 at the Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts

by Neil Smith – 

How often do you look through a window and not really see anything?

Once you buy your ticket for the Gospel Arts Celebration at this year’s Commissioning, you will be looking through a large window and seeing vibrant, colorful images, portrayed by the Western Territory’s musicians and artists.

Representatives from all 10 Western divisions will be there, showcasing music and gospel arts. Barbara Allen will be featured as a soloist, as well as with the Pasadena Youth Chorus. Hawaii will be supplying the hula dancers and the Eureka, California flag team will also be participating.

Massed songsters will be drawn from Mesa, Phoenix Citadel, Tustin Ranch, San Diego Citadel, Portland Tabernacle and Torrance.

Don’t sit at home—come and be part of this God-honoring experience!

Ticket application forms are available online or from your corps officer—and look for ads in the New Frontier.

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