Wild west welcomes territorial leaders

Commissioner Knaggs enrolls junior soldiers in Mesa, Ariz. [Photo by Derek Strickland]

Southwest Division enrolls new soldiers at a united meeting.

Commissioners James and Carolyn Knaggs’s tour of the Western Territory touched down in the Southwest Division’s Valley of the Sun, for a united soldiers’ rally on Oct. 1, 2010. The Mesa (Ariz.) Convention Center was near capacity with close to 500 officers, soldiers, adherents and friends to welcome the new territorial leaders.

The music of the Southwest Divisional Band, led by Bandmaster Ralph Pearce, ushered in the presence of the Lord. Also performing were the Mesa Corps Songsters, Mesa Corps Junior Band, and a Korean ensemble.

Forty-three enrolled
Lt. Colonel Doug Danielson, Southwest divisional commander, introduced 43 new Salvationists to the territorial commander, who welcomed and enrolled them into The Salvation Army. The Phoenix Adult Rehabilitation Center under the leadership of Captains James and Cathi Boyd enrolled 13 adherents.

Captains Dion and Arlene Torres from the Estrella Mountain Corps enrolled three senior soldiers.

Majors Guy and Denise Hawk and Lt. Loreen Petzing from the Phoenix South Mountain Corps (soon to be a Kroc Center) enrolled 17 junior soldiers.

Captains Robyn and Stephanie Bridgeo from the Tempe Corps enrolled one senior soldier and nine junior soldiers. For the Bridgeos, this was a special night, as their friend Commissioner Knaggs enrolled their youngest son, Elijah.

Knaggs said, “It was a blessed event from the beginning. All the seats were taken 15 minutes before the start, leaving standing room only. The enrollment of so many junior soldiers, adherents and senior soldiers was a thrill.

“The altars were lined with seekers. One of them was a friend of mine for 40 years. Originally from Pennsylvania, he lives in Arizona now and came to pray at the Mercy Seat in his wheelchair. The tears down his cheeks confirmed to my heart that God loves seekers and will meet with them whenever they’re ready.”

Reflecting on the new territorial leaders, Bridgeo said, “The Knaggs have a proven track record for what matters most—loving God and loving people. What a blessing to have them to share this precious moment with us.”

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