What the ARC participants say

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ARC testimonies of grace and gratitude

Jesse, an ARC beneficiary from San Jose writes, “I had traded my life with God for a life of drugs and crime that led me to jails and institutions. The Salvation Army ARC gave me the tools to live a life that I never thought I’d be able to live. I have learned that I cannot stay clean without God in my life. I will forever be grateful.”

Kerry writes, “Today I have been at the ARC for 5 months. The most important thing I wanted out of this program was to get closer to God, and I have truly found that. I have been saved, and every day that goes by I pray to God for one more day of sobriety, recovery and to persevere another day in the program. For that, I am truly grateful.”

Alex says, “I came to a place where I did a fine job of wrecking my life. I needed help. First, the ARC gave me hope through Christ. I gave my life to Jesus Christ. My problems have not gone away; yet through prayer, I believe I can overcome any adversity. I owe so much to the ARC for believing in people like myself when others have given up on people like me.”

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