What Is a’Fair Lady?’

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A BEVY–of fair ladies after the La Tea Da Luncheon with Professor Higgins (Lt. Col. Chris Buchanan).

by Major Ruth Sundin

More than 150 women from the Northwest Division recently attended Home League Camp to consider the Bible’s concept of a fair lady. Major Isa McDougald, visiting leader from territorial headquarters, taught through the personalities of the Samaritan woman who met Jesus at the well and Queen Esther, who courageously took her “fair place” in history.

The camp began with a makeover clinic, salon and spa led by Major Deanna Sholin. A highlight of the evening was the metamorphosis of several ladies, including Major Joan Souders as a bag lady.

More chairs had to be set up when Major Carol Madsen (R) led early morning worship with the theme, “Fairest Lord Jesus.” Seventeen Bible, craft and inspirational/instructional workshops were offered under the coordination of Major Betsy Kyle and Lt. Catherine Boyd.

Major Judy Goodwin, chairman, welcomed the women to Trafalgar Square Fair, which provided a two-hour period of entertainment, as well as a chance for corps to sell wares one might find at an old English fair.

An offering benefited the country of Liberia as the ladies of the camp got to dress up in Victorian style for the “La Tea Dah” luncheon. At the final worship service, with a message by Lt. Colonel Janice Buchanan, the Spirit moved and brought many to kneel at the altar.

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