“What Child Is This?” Is Often Asked Question

CHILD CARE–Offered exciting activities as well as comfort to busy parents.

By Major Judy Hedgren – 

“What Child is this?” is a familiar question in a popular Christmas song. During the Great Victory Congress the question, “What child is this?” was asked often!

Under the capable leadership of Kandis Phipps and Lisa Mowery, each of the 425 (146 infants to 2-year-olds; 135 3- and 4-year-olds; 144 5-and 6-year-olds) registered children were given a corresponding number. These numbers enabled us in child care to contact the parents at the various meetings by flashing the child’s number on the video screens.

With the help of 57 workers, we were able to provide a variety of activities while the children were in our care. These activities included play time, crafts, videos, games, snacks and, of course, quiet time. The children also had the opportunity to be involved in a 45- minute program led by Micah Productions that included singing, clowns and puppets. Through all of these activities, the message of Jesus’ love for his little ones was proclaimed.

When we asked parents how they felt about the child care program, we received responses such as:

“Friday’s registration was a hassle, but the program for the kids was great.”

“I’m thankful for this service that was offered to us. The workers have shown great love and patience with the children.”

“I appreciated the snacks and meals provided for my children.”

“Knowing my child was having a good time enabled me to enjoy the meetings.”

“My child wanted to know when she could go back to child care.”

“What child is this?” The question has been answered. It is the child who enjoyed the many activities provided by child care during the Great Victory Congress.

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