West’s Rehab Journal Now Enters 5th Year

Now in its fifth year of publication, the West’s Journal of Rehabilitation and Recovery continues to bear witness to Christ-centered recovery from addictions.

Working to enrich the continued growth of Salvation Army programs and personnel, the journal encourages professional writing by Army personnel and fosters open discussion of issues common to Adult Rehabilitation Centers, Adult Rehabilitation Programs, Harbor Lights, Emergency Services, and Recovery Corps.

In addition to articles by Army personnel, each issue includes one article reprinted from another professional journal. “These articles have stimulated us to look at our own programs in new ways,” states Mel Adkins, clinical director, Las Vegas ARP. “Fresh ideas gained from Journal articles have encouraged us to undertake research and evaluation in important areas of our work.”

He notes the Journal “forces us out of our self-imposed isolation, providing administrators and workers with opportunities to receive feedback about critical issues such as working with HIV/AIDS or the mentally ill chemical addict.” Other issues it has addressed are: program accreditation or licensure, seeking grants and contracts for program development, homosexuality in treatment, and including women beneficiaries in programs.

“Sometimes it’s difficult for us to see beyond the borders of our own local work,” says Adkins. “Perhaps what the Journal does best is reinforce our belief in what we are doing. It reassures us that we are not alone. It helps Army officers and professionals in its rehabilitation and recovery ministries do better what they already do very well indeed.”

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