Western Territory announces college scholarships

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Corps cadet graduates eligible for college funds.


The USA Western Territory recently announced the institution of a Corps Cadet Graduate College Scholarship that is available to Western Territory corps cadet graduates who are active Salvationists and attending college full-time. The scholarship awards approved applicants $1,000 per year, up to three years, for a total of $3,000.

Cross training for corps cadets is a five-year course of study and ministry practicum that The Salvation Army has developed to help mentor, disciple and train young soldiers, preparing them as lifelong followers of Jesus and effective leaders in The Salvation Army. Graduates of the program are already eligible for scholarships to the College for Officer Training, but this new scholarship reaches all graduates, not just those headed for officership.

“If there was ever a time we needed to disciple and mobilize our teens in leadership it is now,” states Captain Kyle Smith, territorial youth secretary. “Today the activities and options competing for the attention of American teenagers are vast and varied. It’s crucial that we in the Army do all we can to encourage young Salvationists to keep their personal spiritual formation and leadership development at the top of their priority list.”

This scholarship will not only be of interest to the corps cadets themselves, but also to corps officers who are trying to attract attention and recruit leaders for this program, as well as to parents who are struggling with the increasing costs of higher education for their children.

“This scholarship serves as both a good incentive for and investment in our young soldiers,” says Captain Lisa Smith, assistant territorial youth secretary. “It allows us to not only support our young people as they grow in their faith journey, but also as they reach for their higher education goals and strive to develop themselves to become all that God created them to be.”

Those interested in more information regarding this scholarship may contact their corps officer or divisional youth secretary.

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