Western Officers on the Move

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With the approval of Territorial Commander Commissioner David Edwards, the following changes of appointment are announced, effective February 3, 1999:

Cascade Division

Lieutenants Don & Emily Miller–Assistant Officers, Portland Tabernacle, OR

Golden State Division

Majors James & Bonnie Fortney–Special assignments, Divisional Headquarters

Intermountain Division

Captain Bruce Rose–Assistant Officer, Billings, MT

Northwest Division

Lieutenant Monte Jones–Corps Officer (Pro-Tem) Kalispell, MT

Sierra Del Mar Division

Lieutenant Mark King–Assistant Officer, Santee, CA

Southwest Division

Captains Lewis & Norma Jackson–Special Assignment, DHQ

Lieutenants Harvard & Naomi Betts–Corps Officers, Farmington, NM

Captain Anna Wilson (R)–Assistant Corps Officer, Tucson Amphi, AZ

A/Captain Karen McFarland–Assistant Corps Officer, Albuquerque, NM

Envoy Daniel Matta–In-charge, Albuquerque Temple NM

Envoy Linda Matta–Program Assistant, Albuquerque Temple, NM

Lieutenants Ariel & Veronica Ochoa–Corps Officers, North Phoenix, AZ

Adult Rehabilitation Centers Command

Captain Jonathan Knapp–Assistant to Administrator, Pasadena ARC

Captain Janet Knapp–Assistant to Director of Special Services, Pasadena ARC

We pray God’s blessing upon these officers as they assume their new responsibilities.

Donald G. Sather, Colonel

Starrett Appointed to International College for Officers

Starrett Appointed to International College for Officers

Major Helen Starrett, director of special services for the Adult Rehabilitation

Frontlines — News Briefs of the West

Frontlines — News Briefs of the West

by Captain Robert L

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