Western Commitment Continues; World Service Giving Tops $6.5 Million

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MEXICO–Hurricane Pauline relief work done, people enjoy their Christmas party.


“One of the biggest challenges facing our international Salvation Army is finding sufficient resources, especially financial, to support the work around the world. Here in the United States, where the economy has been doing extremely well in recent years, people have increased their giving to charities. The Salvation Army has been named ‘America’s most favored charity’ two years running. What is true for the USA is probably true for a number of countries around the world where Army operations exist. Some of that giving has found its way to the support of Salvation Army World Services.

“It is not that the giving to the World Services has not increased. What has increased, however, are the demands on those services. Within the last four to five years, the needs have grown at an alarming rate. They have outstripped available funding. International funding reserves set aside specifically to meet unexpected demands are being depleted. Here in the West, we have to continue not only play our part in supporting World Services, but we have to also do everything possible to help meet the increasing demands placed upon the present resources.”

–Commissioner David Edwards

Selected Western Projects – 1998

INDIA CENTRAL–Beautiful new prayer hall celebrated at Madanuru Corps.

A contribution of $5,000 from the Western Territory enabled the purchase of a much-needed vehicle for the Samgori Corps, Georgia (Russia/CIS). Capt. Sherry McWhorter said in a recent letter, “This is the first time that they have had a vehicle of any sort, and a Mitsubishi minivan with cargo space is just what they need at this time.”

Papua New Guinea Command–$18,543 allowed the purchase of an emergency generator for the power supply. “Ever since the drought which the ‘El Niño Phenomenon’ brought to P.N.G., we have been experiencing power shortages. Thanks to this standby generator, these problems are no more. To protect it from vandalism and weathering elements, it was enclosed in a shed, which also serves as a place for storing necessary fuel and oil for the engine.”

Madanuru (India Central Territory)–$8,065. A beautiful prayer hall at Madanuru Corps was dedicated and opened by Colonel Lal-Kiamlova, territorial commander, in April 1998. As the Madanuru Corps is newly opened, there was no prayer hall before. The hall also may be used as a cyclone shelter. A balance of $981.07 on this project will be used after obtaining the approval from the donor to erect a thatched quarters for the officer, who at present has no house.

Hurricane Pauline Relief, Mexico–$5,000. A gift from the West provided for rebuilding and allowed a Christmas party to celebrate.

Amritsar and Moradebad Divisions–India Northern–$1900 for two motor bikes. Seemingly small amounts make a great difference in areas where officers have no transportation at all. Small balances will be used for accessories and maintenance.

Salto Nuevo Corps, Uruguay (South America East)–$16,000. Miraculous changes were made in the run-down corps with the contribution from USA Western.

Community drinking water supply for Zufenshan Village, China (Hong Kong Command)–$18,941. Named the “Living Water” project, this city in Hunan Province suffers from drought, people sometimes having to drink polluted ditch water. The 5,273 villagers are no longer prey to infectious diseases. It is their hope to escape from poverty and improve their overall standard of living.

World Service Giving




Alaska 109,547 112,834
Cascade 359,024 369,794
Del Oro 396,109 427,798
Golden State 601,766 619,819
Hawaii 165,497 162,187
Intermountain 422,237 456,016
Northwest 541,685 530,851
Sierra Del Mar 209,485 205,296
So. California 805,584 789,473
Southwest 582,446 570,797
CFOT 123,600 127,308
ARCC 882,936 909,424
THQ 1,165,084 1,274,403
TOTAL 6,365,000 6,556,000
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