Iglehearts smiling together

West welcomes Iglehearts online 

Territorial evening of worship

By Hillary Jackson –

Salvationists and friends throughout the West—and the world—got to know Colonels Kelly and Donna Igleheart, the West’s new Chief Secretary and Territorial Secretary for Women’s Ministries, respectively, through an online worship service streamed to Facebook and YouTube Oct. 18. The Iglehearts came to the West from an international appointment in the Southern Africa Territory, and are officers of the USA Southern Territory.

Territorial Commander Commissioner Douglas Riley opened the meeting with Scripture, reading Psalm 100. 

“There is no doubt that the days we are living through right now are days of immense challenge and struggle,” Riley said. “But we believe in a God who provides for his people, who gives us strength for the days ahead, and who only wants what is good and pure.”

A group of musicians from throughout the territory performed “You are Good,” all recorded individually but unified in one performance. Territorial President of Women’s Ministries and Secretary of Spiritual Life Development Commissioner Colleen Riley prayed before introducing the Iglehearts. “They are wonderful people and we see Jesus shining through them every day we are in their presence,” she said. 

Then, videos from the Iglehearts’ three adult daughters and their families helped to further introduce them—giving a behind-the-scenes glimpse at who they are. Several themes emerged—their love of family, hospitality and for exploring, often on Kelly Igleheart’s motorcycle. 

Donna Igleheart shared her testimony, “the evidence that God can do more than we ever dreamed or imagined if we surrender our own will and trust him.” Growing up in Owensboro, Kentucky, her parents were leaders in the corps, and would regularly invite officers and soldiers into their home for meals, broadening Igleheart’s idea of community. At 14, at a Youth Councils event, she felt called to officership. She later met Kelly Igleheart and attributes the foundational experience of eating meals at her parents’ table to a large part of saying “yes” to overseas service in South Africa five years ago.

“My prayer is that you, too, would trust that God knows you by name and his plans are far greater than anything you could ever imagine,” Donna Igleheart said. “He has prepared a table before you, yes, even in the presence of our enemies, but if you trust this intimate loving Savior, he will make a way to use you in ways you, too, could never imagine.”

Before Kelly Igleheart spoke, a chorus of young women from the California South Division sang “Make Me a Channel of Your Peace.” 

“There is no greater need today than for peace in our lives and in our world and there is no name under heaven other than the name of Jesus who can bring it,” Kelly Igleheart said. “The author of these lyrics must have read our news today.”

Igleheart asked the online congregation to consider what they see today in their neighborhoods. He then compared the hardships of today to what the prophet Isaiah described in chapter 58. 

“The words declared by God in the Old Testament and penned through the voice of Isaiah provide hope and direction for us all,” Igleheart said. “In verse 9 we read, ‘Then you will call, and the Lord will answer; you will cry for help, and he will say: Here I am.’”

“One day Jesus will call us all home, but until that day, we have work to do,” he said. “You and I are called to repair broken walls, broken cities, broken communities and broken people. You and I are called to restore the streets—the pathways to Jesus. Will you commit with me to be an agent of change, a light in the darkness and salt to the earth? Together, let’s choose to bear the fruit of the Spirit, to be dispensers of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.” 

Together, the Iglehearts closed the online service with a prayer of blessing: 

May the Lord be in front of you to level your path.

May the Lord be next to you to enfold you with his arms.

May the Lord be behind you to defend you from the evil one’s attacks.

May the Lord be under you to carry you when you fall.

May the Lord be around you to protect you.

May the Lord be above you to bless you.

May the Lord be in you to lead you through his Holy Spirit.

May the Lord be for you and plead for you to the Father.

May the Lord be with you from now until eternity.

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