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1997 Data Reveal 4 Year Comparison

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by Robert Docter – 

Data from national statistical reports from 1994 to 1997 reveal that the Western Territory continues on-target for the achievement of its year 2000 goals in the establishment of new corps, community centers and soldier/adherent enrollment, but faces significant challenge in meeting attendance goals, the numbers of active officers and the delivery of social services.

The territory began its MISSION2000 emphasis in 1990 and has demonstrated significant growth in all statistical areas from that point on. Some of the territory’s most dramatic growth occurred in the early years of the decade. The mid-point evaluation–the middle four years of the decade from 1994-1997–indicate continued commitment to those goals. During these middle years of the decade, the West continues to lead the nation in the establishment of new corps community centers and in soldier enrollment.

The West has added close to 100 corps since the beginning of the decade. During the middle years 38 were added. During the 1994-1997 period, 3,542 soldiers and adherents were added to the rolls

All territories except the East reveal a decline in the number of active officers during this period with the West totals indicating the sharpest loss of 31 officers over the four year period.

Sunday school and Holiness/Salvation meeting attendances for 1994-1997 reveal a one percent gain by the West. This area of meeting attendances presents the greatest challenge to the territory in achieving its MISSION2000 goals.

The 1994 social service data included a significant effort on the part of Army workers to meet needs evident following some serious national disasters. Data for 1997 reveal a significant reduction in social service contacts from that 1994 high mark.

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