West ‘re-ignites’ flame


Not a program, not a campaign, but an emphasis–that is, a particular stress or prominence given–says Webster. The critical few are absolutely correct, “spiritual renewal or revival will not come as a result of an administrative decision,” but rather by God and a people with contrite hearts.

Based on the evaluation responses from numerous corps, the territorial prayer emphasis, “Re-Igniting the Flame,” is “beginning the process of renewal that we need in our corps.”

For some corps it was a continuation of what was already happening and will continue after the emphasis is no longer emphasized. In some cases, the corps officer did not just list the “activities” but the evidence or fruit of prayer as seen in the lives of their people individually and corporately.

Lt. John Van Cleef, Carson City, Nev., corps officer, shares “The prayer emphasis resulted in a deep inward change within the heart of our congregation that has manifested itself in a fresh commitment of faith to God. As we grow in the exercise of this spiritual discipline we are constantly amazed by God’s willingness to answer and bless us by the riches of his grace.

“We’ve seen long standing prayer requests answered, bold faith steps taken and new births in Christ. In the end the change we experienced was not the result of a program, reading a book, or preaching a sermon series. It is the result of turning to God, seeking his face and believing his promises.”

We will be creating a resource summary of ideas shared on the evaluation forms and distributing for corps use but remember, the results are a matter of the heart.

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