West needs new leaders – are you one of the 47?

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by Nancy Davis, Captain – 

A review of historic trends of losses and gains and potential new ministries means that to move forward in this territory, we need 47 new cadets and lieutenants. We know that if we are going to continue to keep the Army “growing” and reaching its Mission goals then we need these leaders.

Yet a common thought or impression is that there are plenty of “others” going to the Officer Training College or becoming lieutenants—so, they don’t need me.

Are you in the 47? Has the Lord been speaking to you and yet you still find ways to quiet his voice, or get very busy so you don’t hear? We can get very good at not listening and even better at not obeying the voice of God in our lives.

This year our territory needs 47. We need officers for mission teams, new corps and special areas such as chaplains, social services and youth workers. Just as in the general population, the baby boomers are retiring and it’s true in our territory. For example, in 2004 over 22 officers will retire.

When the call for officers is given, do you look around in the meeting and see if the Lord is calling someone else? Do you see others walking forward and know you should be on your feet? When new officers are appointed to our corps we often take for granted that they will arrive on a certain date. But what if 2004 is the year that your corps officers are to be transferred, and due to a shortage of officers, no officers will replace them…how will this affect you and your corps? Is God calling you to be a part of the 47?

As we drive around our communities, we see new housing areas, new schools and cities growing but where are the new corps? These new areas and people need to hear the message of Christ’s redeeming love and power. Their children need to learn the truths of the Gospel to help shape and mold their lives for the future. Yet if we don’t respond how will they hear?

Every organization, group, church and certainly Army needs new officers/leaders to help lead the way for the “fighting force” to move forward. If the Army of tomorrow is to make the same impact upon the time, community and people as the Army did in the past—we need capable and called people to step forward.

Are you a part of the 47? Is now the time for you to lay aside the tools of your current life and take up the cross? There is a great need for qualified, willing, Spirit-filled men and women to raise their hands and hearts and say, “I will become a part of the 47.”
It all starts with you!

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