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“Above all else, we will be people who care …”

ARCs, Corps, Social Programs Unite
To Explore Future

KEY ELEMENT–Anne Calvo, Southern California divisional health consultant, discusses health considerations in social services programs during the territorial Caring Ministries Conference.


More than 150 delegates representing the Army’s widespread social service ministries attended the territory’s “Caring Ministries Conference,” answering the question “How many Salvation Armies are there?” with a resounding reply. “Only one,” they said.

Gordon Bingham, territorial social services secretary and Conrad Watson, ARC director of program, led the planning committee.

Registering in day-long intensive educational programs in fields dealing with mental health, women’s issues, addictions, and welfare-to-work, the delegates heard from such contributors as Dr. John Chappel, a psychiatrist in addiction treatment and studies, Superior Court Judge Bonnie Dumanis, who organized the San Diego County drug court, and Debra Angel and Elizabeth Harney, president and vice president of WorkNet, Inc. Linda Rich coordinated a panel on women’s issues which included author and consultant Jan Frank.

Lt. Colonel Paul Bollwahn, national social services secretary, provided the keynote for the conference. “We are received well in Washington because of what you do,” he said. “The future is not a new book,” he said as he examined the Army’s identity today on the basis of its historic development from the days of its founder, William Booth. He noted the tension within the Army as its social work expanded in the 19th Century and recognized the same tensions today.

Commissioners David and Doreen Edwards, territorial leaders, led the Sunday morning service, and Colonels Philip and Keitha Needham participated in the Saturday evening banquet. Also heavily involved were Lt. Colonel Raymond Peacock, territorial secretary for program and Lt. Colonel Dan Starrett, ARC commander.

The group visited a number of important social programs located in the Southern California area and enjoyed learning and discussing a large number of workshop topics.

Bollwahn Stresses Ten Key Points

In speaking to the assembled delegates of the Caring Ministries Conference, Lt. Col. Paul Bollwahn, national social service secretary, stressed the need to continue to emulate the model of the Army’s founder, William Booth. He identified the imperatives necessary for this to be achieved.

  1. People need support and help to climb out of poverty
  2. Everyone needs deliverance from sin. Any and all barriers to that deliverance need to be confronted.
  3. We must have a high view of all human kind. All are precious.
  4. We must advocate justice and fairness
  5. We must have the attitude of St. Francis, seeing potential in all who come to us.
  6. Our strategies must be based on boldly living and preaching the Gospel.
  7. We must identify our building in ways that explain our mission.
  8. We must be about doing God’s work and not worry about success. God will give the increase.
  9. We must integrate the sacred and the secular aspects of our work.
  10. We must have a vision of tomorrow by leveraging our time, talent and treasure today.

What lies ahead are integrated and balanced ministries.

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