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One man in the Pacific Northwest takes on a 200-mile mission.


Every evening when David Christie came home from work, he had a special ritual that he his four-year-old son, also named David, would share. Right after work, the elder David would enter their humble, two-bedroom home and as he rounded the corner—boom!—the younger David would pounce on his father from his hiding spot above, launching himself into a tight hug. The two would share a laugh, enjoying for that moment the special bond between father and son.

But on a cool day in November, David’s father did not make it home to take part in their special ritual. Just yards from their front door, the elder David was hit by a car and killed. In an instant, the Christie family was changed forever.

With three children to care for and no job, the grief of her husband’s death proved to be too much for David’s mother. The Christie family had little money before the accident, and now was faced with the inability to pay rent, much less buy food and clothing. And Christmas was just around the corner.

When news of the tragedy made it to the local Salvation Army, help was immediately sent to the Christie family. As David remembers, The Salvation Army helped his mother pay the bills, and even put together a holiday meal and gifts so the children could have a Christmas. Step by step, The Salvation Army helped the Christie family get back on their feet. And as young David looked on, an understanding of kindness and the need to help began to grow inside him.

Today, The Salvation Army continues its mission to serve those in need around the world. And David wants to help families like his who are supported by the organization that saved his family years ago. On April 15, David will embark on a 200-mile sponsored walk from Seattle to Portland in an effort to raise $500,000 for Salvation Army programs that help military families who have been affected by their loved ones serving in the Middle East. Much like David’s family did when they lost his father, local military families are in dire need of help as they suffer with their own loss of a parent.

Sponsor David and support The Salvation Army—To donate call 1-800-SAL-Army.

“These families are not unlike my family—without the help of The Salvation Army, we would have been forgotten.”—David Christie

EDS volunteer at his finest

EDS volunteer at his finest

by Heather Brooks –  On behalf of the Napa, Calif

Third KaBOOM playground built in Nevada

Third KaBOOM playground built in Nevada

by Charles Desiderio –  The Salvation Army Clark County Command received

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