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LT. COLONEL BETTIE Love assists Ramon Morales as he signs the Articles of War at a recent enrollment held at the Visalia Corps. Lt. Colonel Richard Love and Captain Ezekiel Guevara look on. The Visalia Corps is fullfilling the territorial mission by being a “relevant and vibrant expression of Christianity.” Read full story


“Make the future in the present ­ that’s what implementing the vision is all about!” Territorial Commander Linda Bond declared in a firm, no nonsense voice. The commissioner emphasized that the Western Territory has finalized its visioning process; now it is up to us to put feet on the vision, and get moving! “It is time to fit action to words.”

As the newly appointed commander of the Western Territory, Commissioner Linda Bond has made it clear that she

believes in a mission-driven Salvation Army. She views the international mission statement and the territorial vision as companion documents ­ the mission statement, firmly based on the Gospel, as our mandate, the vision statement a vivid picture of what God expects of his Salvation Army.

Recognizing the responsibility of leadership to lead, Bond has called on the members of her cabinet to pledge unwavering commitment to moving the vision from pleasant fantasy to hard-hitting reality. She has instructed the cabinet to review the recommendations coming out of the Territorial Strategic Planning Committee and the Vision Action Teams and identify key steps that need to be taken immediately in order to resource corps and social service programs, enabling them to move toward vision accomplishment.

The commissioner calls for the officers, soldiers and friends of The Salvation Army in the Western Territory to focus on the four primary articles of the territorial vision:

Empowered by God, called by Jesus Christ and impassioned by the Holy Spirit, The Salvation Army in the USA Western Territory will be a church that is

…Biblically authentic in method and mission

…A relevant and vibrant expression of Christianity

…Culturally diverse in methods and ministry

…Compassionately active in serving humanity

Vision implementation, bringing the dream to life, is going to take more than talk. It will require renewed spiritual commitment at every level of our territory. It will require the dedication of time, energy, effort and earnest prayer on the part of every Salvationist. If we are to be “Biblically authentic,” we as an Army are going to have to immerse ourselves in the Word, prayerfully applying its teachings to every day tasks and decisions.

“A relevant and vibrant expression of Christianity” will demand personal Christian holiness, sensitivity to the Spirit, and a willingness to risk following his lead. Intent to become “culturally diverse in methods and mission” will inevitably drive us to examination of our own unacknowledged biases and prejudices, the abandonment of false values and the acceptance of true brotherhood in Christ.

And as we become “compassionately active in serving humanity,” we will find ourselves thrust into the mainstream of human existence, a people with a plan (not simply good intentions), a people moving purposefully to identify and meet human need in the name of Jesus Christ, without discrimination.

Is this what it means to make the future in the present? Then — you, me, all together — let’s do it!!

Workin’ on what works

Workin’ on what works

SOUTHWEST “IT TAKES A village to raise a child,” and the applied

Vasquez, Johnson honored

Vasquez, Johnson honored


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