Virginia Schneider, “Woman of Excellence”

Denver Metro Women’s Auxiliary member honored.

ommissioner Patricia Swyers congratulates Virginia Schneider on receiving the Woman of Excellence award.

Virginia Schneider, a 32-year member of the Denver (Colo.) Metro Women’s Auxiliary, recently received the Woman of Excellence Award—the highest award given to an auxiliary member. Entries included women from auxiliaries throughout the Western Territory.

Commissioner Patricia Swyers, territorial president of women’s ministries, presented the award at the National Advisory Organizations Conference in Dallas, during one of the Women’s Auxiliary workshops; later Schneider received it again locally at an Intermountain Division breakfast.

She has served as president and membership chair for the auxiliary, and rings the bell and conducts interviews during the Christmas season. Presently she is the canning chair—she gathers her team to can produce. They then deliver the cans to the Downtown Service Center. She supports the Dress-a-Child project and helps with the annual fundraiser, the Holiday Festival/Doll Tea. Schneider said she was “attracted to The Salvation Army because she admired the willing service given by the local Salvation Army officers and wanted to be a part of the Army.”

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