USA Western Territory Long Service Awards 2004

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25 Years
Baker, James E. Major
Chavez, Evelyn Major
Curnow, Clyde Major
Curnow, Nancy Major
Dossey, Sandra Major
Heiselman, Laura Major
Heiselman, William J. Major
Hood, Deborah Major
Hood, Kenneth E. Major
Jones, Gwendolyn L. Major
Kyle, Betsy Major
Lo, Eric Major
Pedersen, Dallas Major
Pedersen, Marlo Major
Shiroma, Lawrence Major
Shrum, Debra Major
Sparks, Mark Major
Sparks, Rebecca Major
Stevenson, Joyce A. Major

30 Years
Baker, Marcia Major
Blix, Barbara Major
Blix, Leonard L. Major
Brockelman, Delbert Major
Brockelman, Victoria Major
Fuge, Ardis Major
Goodwin, James Major
Goodwin, Judy Major
Greene, Deborah Major
Greene, Richard Major
Hokom, Eda M. Major
Jones, Clifford Major
Sholin, David P. Major
Williams, Douglas Major
Williams, Janice Major
Wilson, Anna Major

35 Years
Carpenter, Betty Major
Carpenter, Darvin A. Major
Griffin, Linda L. Lt. Colonel
Griffin, Terry W. Lt. Colonel
Hoogstad, Eileen Major
Hoogstad, Joe R. Major
Lacey, Harry Major
Peacock, Douglas Major
Peacock, Leslie Major
Reyes, Moses Major
Ross, James Major

40 Years
Bawden, Marilyn Major
Bawden, Ronald T. Major
Grundahl, Katrina Major
Hood, Ivy Major
Robertson, Sharon Lt. Colonel
Santos, Jesus Major
Summerfield, Albert Major

45 Years
Gregory, Marilyn Major
Gregory, Robert E. Major
Ostermiller, Judith Major
Utrera, Juvencio Major
Van Cleef, Sherryl M. Lt. Colonel

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor Inspired by what was written on page six, under “Bond” in

Youth workers offered intensive training at ‘Boot Camp’

Youth workers offered intensive training at ‘Boot Camp’

by Lisa Smith, CAPTAIN –  The Territorial Youth Department is currently

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