Upcoming book features Salvationists of African descent

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Heroes of the faith are recognized in Soldiers of Uncommon Valor

Soldiers of Uncommon Valor: The History of Salvationists of African Descent in the United States, by Warren L. Maye, features African-American and Caribbean–born Salvationists who successfully pioneered Army ministries in the United States and on the African continent. The book will be released nationwide in March 2008.

Inside are stories of Alexander Beck and family of Los Angeles, Calif., who in 1896, became the first territorial evangelists on record; Thomas Ferguson, a prolific music composer and poet who lived in Boston, Mass., during the Ragtime era of the 1900s; Adrian and Eualee DaCosta, missionaries who started the Army’s work in Nigeria in 1920; Dorothy Purser, a pharmacist and nurse who successfully fought to open doors for black women in hospital administration in 1950s in Cincinnati, Ohio; Abraham and Louise Johnson, who pioneered the Army’s work in urban communities during the civil rights movement in the 1960s; David and Doreen Edwards who served as territorial leaders in the USA Western Territory from 1997 to 2002; and Israel L. Gaither who challenged racial barriers and in 2006 became the first African-American to lead The Salvation Army in the United States—to name just a few.

The work covers the participation of people of African descent in the formation of The Salvation Army in the United States from as early as 1872 to 2005. Maye weaves a gripping narrative of a rich historical research that is transformed into inspiring stories that flow quickly from one ministry milestone to another.

“It was with great anticipation that I waited for Soldiers of Uncommon Valor; I was not disappointed,” said Kenneth Burton (Order of the Founder recipient), bandmaster, Harlem Temple Corps, New York City. “In fact, I was simply riveted once I began reading. The history of these soldiers has finally been unearthed. The struggles were chilling, but the victories were compelling and exhilarating.”

Soldiers of Uncommon Valor will retail for $24.95 (hardback), $14.95 (paperback). The book can be ordered by calling toll free (888) 488–4882, or via e–mail at use.trade@use.salvationarmy.org. It is also available at www.amazon.com.

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