Tyler Didier is the answer

by Erin Gilger – 

If you ever find yourself asking “Why do we help?” Tyler Didier just might be the answer.

Tyler is not a Salvationist and he doesn’t play an instrument. His family is part of the FreshStart program at the Colorado Springs Corps, which is a transitional living program for families that are getting on their feet and getting established after a crisis.

Although Tyler is only 12, he has come to some deep spiritual realizations. He says that he likes The Salvation Army “because of the people who are there, Major David Howarth and Nancy from the FreshStart program are always nice. It’s a good place for me.”

Recently he learned about “how God made us, and how lucky he feels to be on this earth,” despite the hard lessons life has taught him. He believes that God could hear him when he prayed for help, and his life is becoming less complicated, thanks, in part, to the love and helping hand The Salvation Army has given to his family.

He says he also likes The Salvation Army because: “There are fun things to do, and it just feels good.” His favorite thing about the Army is that “You can always find friends there, and the pastor is real nice.”

Sometimes changing a life can be as simple as being a loving example, a friend, or just being nice. We have an opportunity to change lives each day through our ministry and interactions with our communities. Why do we help? Tyler Didier is just one reason why; find your reason.

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