Turk Street Soaring On Wings As Eagles


Eagle Scouts
ACCOMPLISHMENT–Cheuk Lau, Alan Wong, Kelly Wong and Scoutmaster Shelton Yee.

by Judy Vaughn – 

Three young men out of Boy Scout Troop 365 at The Salvation Army’s Turk Street Central Corps in San Francisco achieved the rank of Eagle Scout this year.

They recently received their awards in an Eagle Scout Court of Honor attended by family and friends–and they did exactly what good Scouts are supposed to do. Before, during and after they accepted the honors, they paid special tribute to their families and leaders who had helped them along the way.

Cheuk Lau and brothers Alan and Kelly Wong thanked their parents, their scoutmaster Shelton Yee and Yee’s wife, Joyce, Corps Officers A/Captains Patrick and Kitty Granat, and everyone in the corps family who had encouraged them.

The three were among the original five members who started in the troop in 1991. While other boys came, stayed or left, these three remained.

They’re loyal friends, with a number of similar interests–each aspiring to some sort of engineering career. Among them, they have more than 90 merit badges ranging from traditional first aid to environmental science and herpetology to personal money management and the badge which they all agree was the hardest–world citizenship. “It is the foremost responsibility of an Eagle Scout to live with honor,” their leaders quoted, as a dozen more up-and-coming Scouts in the audience watched attentively.

For his work in starting and shepherding this troop, Scoutmaster Shelton Yee has been voted “Outstanding Youth Leader in the Division.”

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