Tucson Amphi Corps’ 35th Anniversary

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by Dorothy Harvey, Colonel –

Left to right: Majors Juvencia and Gloria Utrera, Morgan and Donna Patterson, Commissioner Philip Swyers, Lt. Colonel Don Mowery and Captain David Kaufman.

Highlighting 35 years of corps ministry, the Tucson Amphi Corps (Ariz.) celebrated with Commissioner Phil Swyers dedicating a newly renovated playground and enrolling new soldiers. The Territorial Commander also brought the holiness message to the united Tucson Corps, marking the milestone of the anniversary. He reminded his listeners that we have “One Master, one message and one mission,” and invited soldiers to each recommit life and service to God.

Commissioner Swyers enrolled three senior soldiers, one adherent, and four junior soldiers. Corps Officers Captains David and Erin Kauffman stood with the fully uniformed group as they were welcomed into the corps fellowship. Before the Commissioner spoke, the newly formed singing company, led by Beth Couch, delighted the 200-plus crowd with “Father, I Adore You,” and “It’s a Miracle.”

Morgan and Donna Patterson, first corps officers of Tucson Amphi, were recognized in the morning service, along with Majors Juvencia and Gloria Utrera and Major Anna Wilson Boettcher. They shared briefly of the vision they had for the corps and the joy they felt at seeing such God-honoring progress today.

The Divisional Commander, Lt. Colonel Don Mowery and Tucson City Coordinators, Majors Will and Beverly Cobb supported the Territorial Commander.

The corps gymnasium doubled as chapel and dining room, transformed during the Gibson Field dedication by a group of volunteers from the Tucson ARC into an attractive setting for a catered lunch.

The playground renovations, with lawn sod and sprinkler system, were donated in honor of Jerry Gibson, father of the donor, Tammy Allegria. Fencing was installed with the help of airmen from Davis-Monthan Air Force base. The several acre park-like field will provide a place for the outdoor activities of the corps, especially the children involved in the after-school program.

Neighborhood celebration of the anniversary included an open house on the day before the formal activities. Over 300 children and parents from the Amphi area enjoyed afternoon games and tours along with a light supper. A concert by Christian band, “Broken,” ended the day on a high note.

North by Northwest

North by Northwest

The territorial band ministers in the Northwest Division

General and Mrs. Bramwell Tillsley visit Moore Street

General and Mrs. Bramwell Tillsley visit Moore Street

by Mike Verbout – Recently, General and Mrs

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