Tsunami relief continues

Southwest Division

by Rachel Southard – 

Lt. Colonel Don Mowery accepts a check from Capps Middle School in Heber, Ariz. Representatives from each grade attended the presentation.

The Salvation Army and 3TV joined forces to raise funds to aid the Army’s tsunami relief efforts. In all, $764,654 was raised through a variety of unique methods.

In addition to the $704,561 raised through the Internet, mail-in, 1-800-SalArmy and telethon contributions, The Salvation Army and 3TV sponsored the “Kids Helping Kids” campaign which raised $60,093 for the tsunami relief fund by schools across the state. Each of the 40 participating schools employed varied techniques to facilitate school spirit and encourage an atmosphere of giving.

The creative fundraising ideas ranged from hosting read-a-thons, community dances and bake sales to more far-fetched ideas such as selling raffle tickets to “pie a teacher in the face.”

“Participating schools did a phenomenal job in using their creativity to raise money for the Tsunami Relief Fund,” said Lt. Colonel Don Mowery, Southwest divisional commander. “It is great to see such great enthusiasm by young students willing to help those in need.”

In appreciation for their efforts, The Salvation Army and 3TV hosted a pizza party for Kachina Country Day School. This support by News Channel 3 was designed to reward the school with the highest average per student donation, recognizing all those in the school for their contribution to The Salvation Army’s Relief Efforts.

Kachina Country Day School raised an average of $49.42 per student enrolled.

Compassion in action: Southeast Communities

Compassion in action: Southeast Communities

by Pilar Martinez –  ENVOYS GILBERT AND Rosemary Reyes of the Southeast

Gov. Walter honored by Chuuk Corps

Gov. Walter honored by Chuuk Corps

by Sharron Hudson, Major (L-R) Major Sharron Hudson, Governor and Mrs

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