‘Truth’ Messengers Ready for Commissioning

Cadet Shevaun Malone
“Subtle and yet direct” is the way I would describe God’s leading my life. I like to think, “I’m in control; I will decide the course of my life!” However, as I look over the past events comprising my life history, I realize that God has been intricately weaving his plan through each circumstance.

I have known for many years–since I was a teenager–that God planned for me to serve him as a Salvation Army officer, but “knowing” and “doing” are two different things. I always found excuses why this time wasn’t right to begin the life to which God was calling me. I wasn’t ready to relinquish that control to anyone–not even God. Eventually the excuses ran out. I found myself with two choices: get on with what God was calling me to do, or completely abandon the plan I knew he had in store for me. Now, I have found a comforting peace in knowing with crystal clear assurance I am doing exactly what God wants me to do: no more excuses!

It is my desire to serve God wholeheartedly, wherever that may be. I am learning to give more and more control of my life to God every day, including what I’m going to do and where I’m going to live. I am confident that wherever God (and The Salvation Army) place me, I can do God’s work and reach people with the good news of the Gospel. God’s plans and my plans are now one and the same!

Cadets Robert and Donna Marshall
Donna and I have been married 10 years, and have two children, Jessica and Justin. We moved to Richmond, Va., so that I could attend the seminary. I was hired by a Baptist church as the youth pastor and also as a counselor at the Good Samaritan Inn ARC. During a softball game with The Salvation Army ARC, we met Majors David and Sandy Adkins, the administrators. Talking with me about the joys of serving the Lord, Adkins invited us to Atlanta to talk to the training principal, but since we had an appointment in Los Angeles, he made arrangements for us to meet Lt. Colonel David Riley.

When I met with the colonel, I intended to beg off politely, but he said, “Welcome to The Salvation Army. Your commitment is to God; and The Salvation Army provides the avenues to do ministry in order that your commitment might be fulfilled.” With these words ringing in our hearts, and after a year of prayerful consideration, Donna and I entered the College for Officer Training.

Our goal is to remain faithful in service to our Lord Jesus Christ. To do that we must be diligent in three areas: faithful in our home, faithful spiritually, and faithful socially. We want to continue in the footsteps of William Booth and untiringly fan the flames of love and compassion on our less fortunate brothers and sisters. We believe we can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens us!

Cadets Darren and Mary Norton
Looking back over each of our 26 years of life, we see God’s hand at work preparing us for his service.

I was born into a fourth generation Salvationist family in London, England. God’s hand was at work in my life as he laid a solid foundation through an active Salvation Army corps and the positive impact of many people. At 20, I committed myself to full time Christian service at the International Congress in 1990.

Mary, daughter of A/Captains Bob and Linda Roome, was raised in a solid Christian home. She went to Germany on the 1991 Service Corps team, where she found her love for the Word of God and a heart to share it with others.

We met at Camp Kuratli in Portland during the summer of 1992. Having completed university in England, I stayed in Oregon to work at the Coos Bay Corps. Mary, a registered nurse, went to work at the hospital in Coos Bay. We were married in 1993, and at the Life Service Conference in 1994 God confirmed our calling as officers.

Together, we are committed to a lifetime of service to God. It is exciting to consider how the Lord will use us to bring glory to him and bring others to the cross of Christ. We can already see how God has been preparing us with our past experiences, education, and employment for our use in ministry. We believe that he who began a good work in us will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.

‘God’s Love’ Messengers Leave For Summer On-the-Job Training

‘God’s Love’ Messengers Leave For Summer On-the-Job Training

  Cadet Rachel Allemang Special Assignment – Del Oro Division Cadet

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Letters to the Editor

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