Training the Trainers for TEAM Discipleship

Nigel Cross

Nigel Cross

Do you know who your TEAM Discipleship Coordinator is? (You can go to the end of this article to find out who oversees TEAM Discipleship in your division.)

These individuals recently traveled from their divisions to Crestmont College for the annual Train the Trainer Conference sponsored by the THQ evangelism department. During the conference they were trained on four new seminars added to the TEAM Discipleship curriculum and provided a resource notebook with all the information required in facilitating a spiritual summit (retreat).

New seminars available:

Renewing your Spiritual Passion ­ this two-hour seminar examines the conditions that can threaten and diminish our own spiritual passion. Real life examples and testimonies are shared that show that individuals are not alone in not sensing the same amount of spiritual passion as they did at their initial conversion experience.

The Look of the Leader ­ a five-hour seminar developed and produced by ‘Winning with Encouragement.’ Although this seminar is longer than other seminars in the curriculum, it is extremely beneficial for all leaders and potential leaders (that includes everyone). This seminar looks at the life of Nehemiah and his concern at building the walls in Jerusalem.

Discover Your Destiny: in God’s Kingdom ­ This is a full four-hour seminar that uses Rick Warren’s (Saddleback) acrostic SHAPE to assist individuals being assimilated into a worshipping community and finding their own unique ministry to be involved in. SHAPE stands for Spiritual Gifts, Heart Passions, Abilities and Talents, Personality and Experience. A tool developed by Uniquely You Ministries is used to facilitate the process of discovering each of the five components involved in discovering a unique ministry specifically catered for each individual.

The 10 Commandments of Personal Finance ­ Major James Hood developed this two-hour seminar based on a sermon by Bill Hybels (Willowcreek). Principles are shared that provide a firm basis for people to handle their personal finances wisely. Stewardship issues are also explored and presented.

Spiritual Summit (Retreat) Resource Notebook ­ Earlier this year a spiritual retreat was held at Crestmont College as part of their continuing education program. This retreat was co-planned and led by the Crestmont College continuing education department and the territorial headquarters evangelism department. All resources were compiled and modified for use by a corps or division to facilitate a weekend summit (retreat).


Lt. Colonel Raymond Peacock addressed the conference and challenged the delegates to be faithful in their walk with the Lord and to facilitate the use of TEAM Discipleship seminars to assist others in their walk. Captain Judy Smith led a devotional time and created many colorful images to inspire and encourage delegates in their personal walk of faith. On the last day, Nigel Cross shared the necessity to stand up for God in the face of opposition and success. The use of God’s provision of the Armor of God as outlined in Ephesians 6 was outlined along with the second imperative of the passage to pray!

All individuals had time to develop their skills in a brief PowerPoint class taught either by Cross or Cory Peacock. Cathy Hayes presented how to be proactive in the facilitation of TEAM Discipleship and used her ministry in the Hawaiian Islands as an example. Hayes has recently left the territory, along with her husband Rick and son Richard, to commences new ministry of TEAM Discipleship and Music for the Pendel Division in the Eastern Territory.

TEAM Discipleship divisional/command coordinators and trainers:

Alaska ­ Anchorage: Captain John Brackenbury; Southeast: Major Nila Fankhauser; Cascade: Major Barbara Blix; Del Oro: Sarah Bentley; Golden State: Major Debi Shrum; Hawaii: to be announced; Intermountain: Lt. Colonel Joann Brodin; Northwest: Carl Darby, Captain Rhonda Lloyd; Sierra del Mar: Major Betsey Kyle; So. California: Captain Mario Reyes, Donna Guerrero; Southwest: Isobel Pearce, Lt. Colonel Jan Mowery; ARC Command: Major Pam Strickland; Crestmont College: Major Donna Ames; THQ: Nigel Cross, Cory Peacock, Captain Judy Smith, and Majors Raymond and Virginia Gilman.

“Team” has new look, new focus

“Team” has new look, new focus

BY NIGEL CROSS –   We will promote a life-long learning commitment

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