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Bill Nunes

Bill Nunes comes from a Salvation Army family: his parents are retired Brigadiers Ben and Gloria Nunes, and his brother Ben is an officer serving in Tucson.

Blessed with natural ability in music and youth work, Bill has dedicated his gifts to God. In 1982, the Southwest Division hired Bill to work in its music ministry, and in October, 1995, he was named Creative Ministries Director. Bill has since created “The Gospel Choir,” which has represented the Army and the Southwest Division at many events, including the International Millennial Congress. Bill works with several corps and weekly leads the Tune Squad at Casa Grande Corps, AZ.

At divisional camps, he gives keyboard lessons and instructions on leading praise and worship sessions. Bill has traveled to Salvation Army locations in the Philippines and the Caribbean and has been an instructor at the South African Youth Congress. Bill Nunes seeks to bring others closer to God through the ministry of music, and has earned the title Trailblazer of the Year.

Mrs. Janet Kincaid

Mrs. Janet Kincaid joined the Advisory Board of Alaska’s Mat-Su Valley Corps in the early 1980s. Since then, she has recruited many new members, served as chairperson, and vigorously promoted the Army’s ministry in her community.

In 1998 she joined The Salvation Army Camp at King’s Lake advisory council and has been the driving force behind camp renovations and innovative programs. Her efforts have saved the Army thousands of dollars in construction and labor costs alone.

In May 2000 Janet took charge of the territorial mission team camp renovation project in Alaska. She made sure materials were ordered to arrive on time, recruited volunteers, organized food donations, and secured donations of materials. Even when hospitalized during the project, she kept in contact by phone and offered her support and encouragement to the crew.

Janet never hesitates to talk about The Salvation Army and its mission. She is known for her professionalism and can-do attitude, and is indeed an inspiration to others. The Salvation Army has been blessed by the efforts of Janet Kincaid, who has earned the distinction, Trailblazer of the Year.

Major Susan Wun

Major Susan Wun assumed leadership of the San Gabriel, CA Corps several years ago, after the premature death of her officer husband, Major Daniel Wun. She now commands one of the most vibrant expressions of Salvationism in the Southern California Division.

Although the Chinese culture would suggest that it is improper for a woman to lead a congregation, Major Wun has worked tirelessly to meet the unique needs of her community, gathering around her well-trained and committed men who share her vision.

Rather than focusing on traditional social services, she has concentrated the corps’ outreach in such areas as English language instruction and computer training. As a result, worship attendance has grown steadily, corps soldiers are energized, and the corps is fiscally sound.

On top of all this, Major Wun recently received her Ph.D in ministry from International Theological Seminary.

She amply deserves the designation Trailblazer of the Year.

Envoy Roy Snapp-Kolas

Envoy Roy Snapp-Kolas leads The Haven Outpost, a lively congregation of more than 60 members on the grounds of the VA Medical Center in Los Angeles, CA. Without the vision and dedication of Snapp-Kolas, this outpost would not exist today.

Originally hired to supervise the Army’s recovery program for veterans, Roy quickly saw the need to provide a lasting spiritual home for veterans who, having completed the program, sought to re-enter the social mainstream.

To achieve this, Roy, working as a volunteer with the Inglewood Corps, established a congregation which has not only grown in size, but which has actually come to view the original Haven recovery program as one of its own ministries.

For his vision, hard work, and perseverance, Envoy Roy Snapp-Kolas is a fine example of Trailblazer of the Year.

B/M Ivor and Janette Bosanko

For over 20 years, Ivor and Janette Bosanko have encouraged Salvationists to strive for excellence.

The Bosankos are known for their work with young people, particularly in the WMI and music camp programs. As the territorial music secretary, Ivor has provided support and encouragement to musicians throughout the territory.

At territorial headquarters, Janette developed the Master Leaders Key program and curriculum, and as the assistant to the program secretary contributed to the advancement of programs and events around the territory. Together, they have been instrumental in major territorial events.

Both Ivor and Janette have served for many years as local officers–Ivor as a corps bandmaster and Janette as singing company leader and songster leader.

Their passion for The Salvation Army and commitment to its mission arose not for their personal recognition, but as an expression of love and service to the Lord. As they approach retirement, their trailblazing spirit will no doubt continue to find creative ways of expressing their love for God. Ivor and Janette Bosanko richly deserve the Trailblazer Lifetime Service Award.

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