Corps Officers Captains David and Ruth Scott, Tulare, California – 

Captains David and Ruth Scott opened the corps in the small community of Tulare in the San Joaquin Valley 12 years ago. They now have over 250 senior soldiers and 100 junior soldiers. They serve a diverse ethnic ministry including Hispanic, Asian and Anglo populations. The Scotts have recruited a fine advisory board, as well as a group of committed volunteers and corps members who carry out the programs and business of the Army.

Tulare is a traditional Salvation Army corps with a band, Home League, comprehensive youth and after school programs. The Girl Guards have received territorial awards during the past several years and will be traveling to the International Jamboree in Holland this summer. A new Silvercrest Residence will open shortly and provide another area of ministry to the community.

Captains David and Ruth Scott are truly Trailblazers in their traditional yet unique approach to ministry.

Advisory Board member
Herb Mead, Seattle, Washington

Herb Mead is a longtime advisory board member, serving since 1976. He spearheaded the construction of The Salvation Army’s White Center Corps Community Center in the middle of one of Seattle’s most impoverished, crime-ridden neighborhoods. Besides supporting the capital campaign with a large leading gift, Herb rallied the support of his contacts in the business community to similarly support the campaign.

He has also been the force behind the Northwest Division’s annual celebrity bell ringing day for over three decades, putting in countless hours of legwork in leading up to the big day. Herb garners support for The Salvation Army and educates new community members on the Army’s work. He is a true Trailblazer in every sense of the word. Herb’s personal role modeling and visionary goal setting impacts the whole division.

Mary Ruth Hansen, San Diego, California

Mary Ruth Hansen has been serving others for over 22 years as the organizer of the annual Thanks-giving and Christmas dinner at Golden Hall in San Diego. The Army serves hundreds of men, women and children at these two events by providing a warm, compassionate, and friendly environment for people to enjoy a delicious, hot, nutritious meal. Every year, in addition to her regular duties as human resources director for the Sierra del Mar Division, Mary Ruth volunteers hundreds of hours to organize these events. This past year The Salvation Army served over 1,300 people at Thanksgiving and 1,450 at Christmas, in addition to providing toys to every child in attendance. It was all orchestrated by Mary Ruth and supported by an army of volunteers including the mayor and district attorney.

In her committed service as an employee, soldier at the Murrieta Corps and volunteer, Mary Ruth Hansen is indeed a Trailblazer.

Lifetime distinguished service
Richard (Dick) Wiseman

Currently attending the Pasadena Tabernacle Corps, the influence of Richard (Dick) Wiseman has been felt throughout the Southern California Division and beyond. He is an encourager and prayer warrior for cadets and young officers throughout the territory. He is a strong supporter of youth programs. Dick has taken interest in Chinese students, working with them to expand English language and other skills they will need in American society.

Dick is a musician. At Christmas time one could often find him with his cornet playing carols at a Christmas kettle. He is an enthusiastic bandsman and marched in the Tournament of Roses parade for many years. Dick says of his Salvation Army experience, “This Army is a fantastic organization and has opened up so many golden opportunities for service, and I love it!”

For his nearly 70 years as a faithful soldier, bandsman and encourager of many, we recognize Dick Wiseman as a true Trailblazer.

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