Torrance Corps celebrates 25 years

Chris Mallett Memorial Concert coincides with anniversary celebration.

by Ivan Wild, Captain – 

The Torrance Corps, Calif., which moved to this community from Inglewood 25 years ago, continues to fight the good fight in this Salvation war
Torrance has always had a strong musical tradition, one that is well known in the Army world. The band, songsters, and youth choirs have consistently blessed audiences with their ministry, and have produced top musicians—some of whom now serve in other corps—others play in top brass bands such as the New York Staff Band.

This year’s 25th Anniversary celebration coincided with the 5th Annual Chris Mallett Memorial Concert—an event begun in honor of Bandmaster Chris Mallett who inspired the youth of the Torrance Corps and the Southern California Division for many years.

Each year a student who shows musical promise and a desire to serve the Lord through music is selected to receive a scholarship to the Chris Mallet School of Music summer camp program. This year’s winner was Sara Gutierrez.

The concert featured guest soloists, Grace Gu (San Gabriel Corps), Christian Riesebieter (San Diego Citadel), Arnold Henry-John (Pasadena Tabernacle) and Brittany Tangermann (Torrance Corps). The Torrance band, songsters, singing company and newly formed gospel choir were also featured. Sunday worship was followed by a family fun fair and neighborhood outreach.

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