Three Northwest Rallies Are ‘Outer World’


Three Northwest Rallies Are
‘Outer World’

DRAMATIC PRESENTATION–by Monika Slomczykowski and Tiara Hotchkin of the Puyallup Valley Corps .

by Captain Nancy Davis –

“May God’s Spirit Be With You” was the rallying cry as Sunbeams, Girl Guards, Adventure Corps and Junior soldiers across Washington, Idaho and Montana met for the 1997 Divisional Youth Rallies.

Held in three locations (Camp Arnold, Helena and Yakima), this year’s rally proved to be an “out of this world” experience for over 400 young people and l4 leaders. As each group arrived on the morning of the rally, they were greeted by the opening fanfare from “Star Wars,” then blasted off to a world of songs, games, skits and discussions designed to help them discover how to use God’s armor to protect themselves from sin.

The afternoon saw young people eating flying saucers (pizza) and rocket ships (cakes), then voyaging from planet to planet in a galactic carnival. Award ceremonies at the end of the day recognized troops who excelled during uniform inspections and thanked those hard-working troop leaders for their commitment during the past year.

Most importantly, young people and leaders were reminded that when they put on his full armor, they can be victorious warriors for God as they battle the powers of the Dark Force.

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