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Lt. Colonel Ray Moulton – 

Note: the following is taken from a presentation by Program Secretary Lt. Colonel Ray Moulton on program development, given at TALC. His address presented group discussion ideas falling under four of the West’s Strategic Priorities #1-4: Make the Field a Priority, Promote Holistic Ministry, Make Ministry to Youth a Priority, and Cast a Global Vision.

Make the field a priority


That all corps (congregational ministries) are healthy as measured by a credible tool, and actively growing or multiplying.

(e.g. Evaluating the harvest, natural church development)


  • A minimum of 70% of all corps will have achieved a measurable increase in health by 2008. To reinstate the corps standard of programs.
  • A defined and improved administration system will be in place by 2004 to allow corps officers to effectively fill their role of pastor/administrator.
  • All corps congregations will have achieved minimum standards for financial self-support by 2008.
  • We will have an approved strategy for healthy corps plants by 2004.
  • We will have the capacity to research and analyze trends in congregational and community ministry, related to demographics, etc., for management decision making during 2003.
  • We will have approved guidelines for pruning and/or consolidation of existing corps/outposts, by 2004.

Promote holistic ministry


That all ministry will engage and respond to the whole person. We will facilitate building capacity in individuals, families, and communities for spiritual and social transformation.


  • Strengthen and enlarge holistic ministry practices by having facilitated learning experiences in three corps communities for integrated mission by the end of 2003. This will involve community capacity development, discipleship, social services and League of Mercy program capacities.
  • We will affirm and publish models of existing holistic ministry.
  • We will have developed a comprehensive social services review process that will ensure that those programs not under corps auspices are compliant with holistic ministry, outcome evaluation, strategic planning, and risk management factors by 2004.
  • We will ensure that current corps review processes address the full gamut of corps programs, including social or community services, and support holistic ministry, outcome evaluation, strategic planning and risk management factors by 2004.



Vol 21 No 03

Vol 21 No 03

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Helping build authentic Christians

Helping build authentic Christians

Youth programs (totals reflect numbers supplied by corps) in the Western

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