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by Linda Madsen, Major – 

A clear and clarion call to Mission Renewal has been sounded by the Chief of the Staff, Commissioner Israel Gaither, who stated in a recent issue of the War Cry, “The administering of mission, no matter the context, requires Spirit-driven action. It’s time for more bold initiatives, pushing us beyond our comfort zones. It’s Mission Renewal Time!” In step with this, the Western Territory has launched two bold initiatives in support of our Mission Priorities—40 Days of Purpose and the Mission Driven Corps On-Line Resource.

Sponsoring participation in a 40 Days of Purpose campaign was the first initiative; this past fall, approximately eight corps conducted a campaign and 53 corps are registered to participate this spring.

Attempting a campaign territorially was bold in itself. However, “bold” paid off! Captain Camie Potter of Roseville, Calif., reports, “One 80-year-old woman said ‘I never knew God had a purpose for me—now I do!’ People are taking on different roles, asking how they can help in ministry…I can’t imagine any corps not doing 40 Days of Purpose.”

The Anaheim Calif., Brazilian outpost completed their campaign with the enrollment of 10 new soldiers. The Santa Maria, Calif., corps welcomed new people to their fellowship and reclaimed some who had left the Army. Santa Clara Citadel, Calif., currently running 40 Days of Purpose, reports a Bible study group that averaged 12 on a good week now has 60 in attendance.

The second initiative was development of the Mission Driven Corps On-line Resource (MDC). Originally conceived as a concert series, it has expanded to include resources that address all six Mission Priorities.
“One of the goals of the Corps Ministries and Spiritual Formation Department is to assist the field in growing healthy congregations. In fulfilling this goal, we are so pleased to make available to each corps this practical, creative, user-friendly, and mission driven resource—Mission Driven Corps,” said says Major Ivy Hood, corps ministries and spiritual formation secretary.

“It is exciting to be able to make this resource available to officers and local leaders on lotus notes, the web-page, and CD for use as an instrument to extend the Kingdom and the mission of The Salvation Army.”

This resource is structured around the Mission Priorities and based on the five Purpose Driven Life Disciplines of Worship, Fellowship, Dicsipleship, Ministry and Mission. It includes sermon outlines, Bible study guides, drama skits and live links to outside ministry resources. In keeping with the “Year of the Youth,“ a five-week ministry plan for engaging youth in ministry will be located in the Make Ministry to Youth a Priority section.

The MDC resource is designed to be perpetual, with the flexibility of adding and deleting ideas as new ones are submitted. We invite you to share some of your “best practices” in Mission-driven ministry. The Mission Driven Corps On-Line Resource is posted on Lotus Notes in the Program Idea Factory and available on the web at (Note: to access the website you will need to contact your corps officer for log-on information.)

For further information, contact Major Ivy Hood at the territorial corps ministries department.

The Army’s Work in Narva

The Army’s Work in Narva

Captain Henderson describes the current vision for the Army’s work in Narva:

Army receives NRB honor

Army receives NRB honor

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