The Salvation Army is well-positioned to respond to COVID-19

A message from Commissioner Kenneth G. Hodder:

Hello, everyone. What makes The Salvation Army a unique partner to address the human needs created by the COVID-19 pandemic? Well, here’s one factor to consider. The Salvation Army has been around for a long time. Founded in 1865, The Salvation Army has been meeting human needs for 155 years. During that time, we’ve always believed that hope is greater than fear, and our intention is to prove that now more than ever.

We have the experience, we have the personnel, we have the infrastructure and we’re ready to work with communities across the country to help meet the emergency that we all currently face. Here’s one example: The Salvation Army began its work in Sacramento, California on May 19, 1885, so as of next week it will have been in operation for 135 years. During that entire time, The Salvation Army has been meeting human need, but now because of the experience that we’ve obtained over those years, the Army is able to do more than ever. April of 2019, for example, The Salvation Army in Sacramento helped 1500 families, but in April of 2020 in the midst of the pandemic, that number balloon to 10,500. The Salvation Army is able to do that in every community which it serves, and you can be sure that we’re in your community as well. There is information at the bottom of your screen as to how you can support the work of The Salvation Army, or write to us and let us know that there’s a need that you believe we can help to meet. We believe that hope is greater than fear. We’ve believed that for more than a hundred and fifty years, and we’ll believe it more than a hundred and fifty years from now. Thank you for your support and God bless you.


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