The Prayer List

Major Barbara Blix (Cascade DHQ) recently entered St. Vincent Hospital in Portland to undergo gallbladder surgery. Your prayers for a successful recovery will be appreciated. Cards and get-well wishes may be sent to 7339 S.W. Daisy Drive, Aloha OR 97007.

Lt. Colonels Bill and Barbara Hunter are preparing for transfer from the Russia/CIS Command back to the West. Upon return, Lt. Col. Bill Hunter will undergo a five to six-week radiation treatment plan for small cancer spot on his spine. The Colonel will continue to participate in hormonal treatments related to his former prostate cancer. Cards may be sent to them in care of Rev. Marti Ensign; 2637 Simmons Road NW, Olympia WA 98502.

Lt. Colonel William H. Scarlett (R) has had several falls at his home and may have fractured some ribs. Please keep him and his family in your prayers. Messages may be sent to him at Nohl Ranch Inn, 380 Anaheim Hills Rd., Apt. #316, Anaheim Hills CA 92807.

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