The life of a cadet

Cadet reveals what life is really like at the training college.


When I returned to school in 2011, as a cadet at the College for Officer Training (CFOT) at Crestmont with the Proclaimers of the Resurrection Session, I faced some challenges.

Although I previously trained in pastoral ministry, I completed that schooling in 1983. As a 21st century student, I came face to face with my almost nonexistent computer skills. Also, once the first quarter got into full swing, I found my schedule much fuller than I was used to, even as a seminary graduate. I struggled to keep pace with everything.

What started as struggles, though, turned into blessings. By the midway point of that quarter, I began to get comfortable with the computer and I adjusted to the rhythm of school life. When I returned from my first Christmas assignment, I was no longer anxious about managing everything. I now felt like a veteran. I appreciated the full schedule—it was providing experiences to equip me for the life and work of an officer.

Another CFOT blessing is the exposure to Salvation Army culture and personnel—especially helpful to me as I had attended just one corps for two years before entering training. Through classes on music, business and Salvation Army history, I learned what the Army is all about. I also broadened my circle of Army acquaintances through meeting people at school, at out-Sundays in area corps and in extended off-campus assignments. I almost feel like I have always been a Salvationist.

God used my time here as an opportunity for spiritual deepening. The schedule encourages this, with spiritual assemblies three times a week, small group discipleship meetings once a week, and a variety of men’s and women’s meetings. In addition to out-Sundays at area corps, we enjoyed excellent Sunday services on campus. The schedule also allows personal fellowship with God. I even had some great prayer experiences in the midst of house duties.

If you have felt the call to officership, you will be thankful for your time at the College for Officer Training.

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