The Disciples Count Resource Notebook

To help put practical resources into the hands of every Salvationist, a Disciples Count Resources Notebook has been developed. Lt. Colonel Raymond L. Peacock, territorial program secretary states, “It is our hope and prayer that these notebooks won’t sit on corps shelves gathering dust but be read, underlined, adapted, added to and referred to again and again.”

Developed over a six-month period, practical resources have been gathered together into one convenient notebook. The subjects follow the five dynamics illustrated in the Disciples Count logo: reaching, winning, enrolling, discipling and prayer. Some of the material is original, written by Western Salvationists specifically for the notebook. Other material has been gathered (with permission) from books, magazines, publishers and the Internet. Key material has been translated into Spanish.

Notebook Mailed to Every Corps

A Disciples Count Resource Notebook has been mailed directly to every corps, outpost and Adult Rehabilitation Center in the territory. The loose-leaf sections are designed to be shared, discussed and copied. There is something for every Salvationist interested in helping their corps fulfill Christ’s command to “make disciples” more effectively.

Corps Councils can be challenged to create more strategic evangelism and assimilation methods by using the self-test in the Training/Leadership section. Territorial Prayer Partners will want to check out Lt. Colonels Mervyn and Shirley Morelock’s articles on this important subject. Every corps considering a new or expanded small group ministry will find almost everything that they need to get started in a special section on small group ministry. Spanish speaking congregations will appreciate the fact that this key section has been translated into Spanish. Internet surfers will want to check out the websites reviewed in the resources section.

Divided Into Seven Sections

Small Groups
Gives practical help to leaders wanting to start or expand a small group ministry. The different types of groups are explained and available materials reviewed. Copies of brochures, flyers and certificates are ready to be adapted and duplicated. Written by Pasadena Tabernacle soldier Emily Seiler, who not only holds a degree in spiritual formation from Fuller Seminary, but who has helped to successfully launch small group ministries in two corps.

Reaching/Winning /Enrolling
Designed to cover a wide range of topics, this section is a work in progress that will be added to with feedback from the territory. This initial article explains–in practical terms–how to be a spiritual mentor to someone.

Territorial Prayer Partner Coordinators Lt. Colonel Mervyn and Shirley Morelock share ideas on improving personal and corps prayer life.

Ideas That Work!
Summarizes discipling ideas that successfully work in corps and churches around the country today. (Submissions for future “Ideas That Work” are welcome!)

Materials in Spanish
Pasos a desarrollar, expandiendo y manteniendo el ministerio de Pequenos Grupos prepardo por Emily Seiler, en Español.

Catalogs, coupons and Internet website lists for more information on discipleship.

Two surveys are provided to help corps leaders evaluate and improve evangelism and assimilation strategies.

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