The ARC–“more than a fresh start”

San Bernardino ARC dedicates new residence.

by Dawn Marks

L to R: Linda Turner (San Bernardino ARC advisory council), Captain Beau Perez, Major Man-Hee Chang, Colonel William Harfoot, Captain Stephen Sutter and Colonel Susan Harfoot [Photo by James Clarett]

On a perfect day this spring, The Salvation Army dedicated a new 126-bed adult rehabilitation center (ARC) residence in San Bernardino “to the glory of God and the service of mankind.”

Constructed on property near the existing ARC warehouse, the new residence houses 126 men, 49 more than the capacity of the former residence.

Several past administrators of the San Bernardino ARC, along with many current ARC officers from throughout the territory, joined fellow officers, community supporters, beneficiaries and graduates in prayer, song and celebration at the dedication. Among the attendees were former ARC Commander Lt. Colonel David Allen and Lt. Colonel Lois Allen, and Major Linda Markiewicz, Sierra Del Mar divisional commander.

Leading the program were Chief Secretary Colonel William Harfoot (THQ), Colonel Susan Harfoot (THQ), ARC Commander Man-Hee Chang, Major Stephanie Chang (ARCC), Captain Stephen Sutter (San Bernardino ARC administrator), Lt. Col. Charles Strickland (San Bernardino ARC) and Captain Ramon Perez (Anaheim ARC). The Sierra del Mar Divisional Ensemble and Major Lanny French contributed special music.

Sutter introduced San Bernardino ARC advisory council and advisory board members, recognizing them for their significant contributions towards the opening of the new residence.

Harfoot gave the dedicatory address and emphasized that this day was about much more than a new building. “We are in the re-creation business, not in the construction business,” he proclaimed. “We aim for more than a fresh start—we’re on a mission to send a new person out to a new life: wholeness and health in mind, body and soul. Some of our best work in The Salvation Army is done in centers like these—at our ARCs.”

Representing the city of San Bernardino, Ken Paxton (assistant to the mayor) addressed program beneficiaries, saying: “You cannot be in a better place than you are right now. We want you to succeed!” Noting that “the inclusion of job training along with substance abuse education is what makes programs like the ARC so great,” Paxton also testified to the greater significance of the ARC program: “The Salvation Army is saving tax payers money and saving lives and souls.”

The Salvation Army has provided recovery services in this community consistently since 1939. ARC services include residential housing, meals, clothing, individual and group counseling, work therapy and re-entry support services—all provided without financial cost to program participants.

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