Territorial Songsters visit San Diego

Group sings and holds workshops in final outing of 2008.

by Heather Melvoin –

The Territorial Songsters perform in San Diego [by Lisa Van Cleef].

The Western Territorial Songsters recently made their final stop of the year in San Diego, California.

Part of the group’s mission is to encourage the people at the corps in their musical endeavors. One way to do this is by conducting workshops. While children mainly attend these workshops, all ages are welcome to attend and learn from these experienced and knowledgeable musicians. Matt Woods led the vocal workshop, Major Dave Harmon the brass workshop, and Joy Lee held a roundtable discussion on leadership.

The songsters participated in the Sierra del Mar Division’s united meeting, sharing the program with the Divisional Youth Band and the Divisional Timbrels.

On Sunday morning, the group visited and took part in the service at the San Diego ARC, a first for the songsters, who enjoyed seeing the men and women excited about the music and singing along to the songs they knew. Afterwards, the songsters participated in the San Diego Citadel Corps’ morning worship.

The Western Territorial Songsters look forward to continuing their mission to spread God’s love through the joy of music next year. Their first excursion will be to Seattle in January.

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