Territorial moves announced

Major Evelyn Chavez
Associate Director – Retired
Officers’ Services
Captain Howard R. Bennett
Human Resource Project Director
Captain John P. Brackenbury
Secretary—Candidates’ and
Recruitment Designate
Captain Pamilla Brackenbury
Associate Candidates’ Secretary —Designate

Major Ardis Fuge
Director—World Missions
Major Ivan P. Wild
Secretary—Youth Department
Major Jennifer Wild
Assistant Secretary—
Youth Department

Major Walter J. Fuge
Territorial Financial Secretary —
Finance Department
Major Robert L. Rudd
Secretary—Community Relations
and Development
Major Joe Frank Chavez
Secretary—Audit Department

Major Mariam M. Rudd
Assistant Secretary—Women’s Ministries

Major Michael A. Dossey
General Secretary
Major Michael H. Zielinski
Secretary for Business
Major Janene Zielinski
Secretary for Program
Major George W. Beauchamp
Administrator—Tucson ARC
Major Julie Beauchamp
Director of Special Services—
Tucson ARC
Major Charles S. Fowler
Trainee In-Charge—Seattle ARC
Major Shari Fowler
Trainee Special Services—
Seattle ARC
Major Jack Phillips
Additional Responsibilities—
Area Coordinator—San Francisco and Lytton, CA
Major Moses Reyes
Chaplain—Fresno ARC
Majors Erik and Angeline Sholin
Chaplains—Honolulu ARC
Captain Grady M. Brown
Administrator—San Diego ARC
Captain Julie K. Brown
Director of Special Services—
San Diego ARC
Captain Erik J. Hoogstad
Administrator—Bakersfield ARC
Captain Sylvia D. Hoogstad
Director of Special Services—
Bakersfield ARC
Captain Ralph Jiminez, Jr.
Administrator—Long Beach ARC
Captain A. Dianne Jiminez
Director of Special Services—
Long Beach ARC
Captain Mark A. Nelson
Administrator—Pasadena ARC
Captain Noelle Nelson
Director of Special Services—
Pasadena ARC
Captains Ramon and
Amanda Perez
Chaplains—Anaheim ARC
Captain Jonathan L. Russell
Chaplain—Denver ARC

Captain Eric D. Wilkerson
Administrator— Portland ARC
Captain Janet M. Wilkerson
Director of Special Services—
Portland ARC
Mr. Rafael Escalera
Business Administrator—
Honolulu ARC
Mr. John Greholver
Trainee In-Charge—Carpinteria ARC
Mrs. Linda Greholver
Trainee Special Services—
Carpinteria ARC
Mr. Bob Neral
Business Administrator—
Riverside ARC
Mr. Terry Skelton
Business Administrator—
Fresno ARC
Mr. Tim Tomasso
Business Administrator—
Denver ARC
Mr. Ray Yant
Business Administrator—
Sacramento ARC

Major Kyung-Ja Kim
Christian Education Officer
Major Mary (Beth) E. Paugh
Personnel Officer
Captain Stacy T. Cross
Personnel Officer
Captain Michael C. Paugh
Personnel Officer and
Marketing Coordinator

Captain Lourdes S. Griffith
Education Officer
Captain Eugene Jo
Curriculum Officer
Captain Jennifer C. Perine
Education Officer

Field Training
Major Lawrence Shiroma
Director of Field Training
Major Victoria Shiroma
Field Training Officer

Business Administration
Captain Kenneth J. Perine
Business Administration
and Property Officer

Campus Services
Captain Kimberly (Kisook) Jo
Campus Services Officer

Major Jeff Dennis, Sr.
Divisional Secretary and Divisional Finance Secretary
Captain Stephanie
Laborte Dennis
Divisional Women’s Ministries Secretary and Community Care Ministries Secretary
Major Nila Fankhauser
Director—Anchorage Social
Captains Kevin and Tina Bottjen
Corps Officers – Sitka Corps

Majors Robert and Leslie Souders
Special Assignment—DHQ
Pending Retirement 10/1/08
Major Lyn Thompson
Community Care Ministries
Secretary, Older Adult Ministries Secretary and Order of the
Silver Star
Major Eddie Patterson
Corps Officer—Twin Falls Corps
Captain James W. Sloan
Portland Metro Coordinator
Captain Barbara Sloan
Associate Portland Metro
Captains Joseph and
Cathy Whipple
Corps Officers – Roseburg Corps
Major Jeanne Stromberg
Divisional Secretary
Captain Shevaun Malone
Divisional Youth & Candidates’ Secretary
Majors Tedd and
Cynthia Lowcock
Corps Officers—Sacramento
Citadel Corps
Major C. Patrick Granat
Alameda County Coordinator
Captain Kitty Granat
Associate Alameda County
Captains Fredrick and
Patricia Rasmussen
North Bay Coordinators
Captain Hendrik F. Sumter
Divisional Finance Officer
Captains Mark and Vicki Gilden
Corps Officers—Santa Rosa Corps
Captains Kevin and
Katina Hanson
Corps Officers—Hayward Corps
Captains Thomas and
Kimberly Stambaugh
Corps Officer—Yuba/Sutter Corps
Captains Darren and
Courtney Stratton
Corps Officers—Chico Corps

Major Preston Rider
General Secretary
Effective—August 20, 2008
Major Shawn L. Posillico
Additional Responsibilities
Women’s Ministries Secretary
Major Kelly K. Pontsler
Divisional Secretary for Business
Effective—August 20, 2008
Captain Roy Wild
Divisional Youth Secretary
Captain Paula Wild
Candidate Secretary and Guard
and Sunbeam Director
Major George M. Rocheleau
San Francisco KROC Center
Administrator and Corps Officer —San Francisco Ray and Joan Kroc Corps and Community Center
Major Dawn Rocheleau
Administrator—Railton Place and Corps Officer—San Francisco Ray and Joan Kroc Corps and
Community Center
Majors Daniel and Carole Abella
Corps Officers—Bakersfield Corps
Majors Luis and Maria Martinez
Corps Officers—Watsonville Corps
Majors David and
Gaylene Yardley
Corps Officers—Monterey
(Peninsula) Corps
Captains Rene and
Angela Carcamo
Corps Officers—Modesto Red Shield Corps
Captains Samuel and
Margarita Rodriguez
Corps Officers—Hollister Corps
Captains Frederick and
Debora Wong
Corps Officers—San Francisco
Asian American Yerba Buena Corps
Envoy Ramon Garcia
In-Charge—San Jose Temple Corps
Envoy Linda Garcia
Program Assistant—San Jose Temple Corps
Envoy Roger McCort
San Francisco Outreach Coordinator

Lt. Colonel Carolyn Peacock
Corps Officer—Denver
Citadel Corps
Majors Hendrik & Susan Aalders Corps Officers— Bozeman Corps
Major Julie Garcia
Corps Officer—Salt Lake City
(Central) Corps

Captains Harold and
Magaly Laubach
Corps Officers—Pueblo Corps
Captains Celestine and
Shoshannah Ruwethin
Corps Officers—Fountain
Valley Corps
Captain Christine K. Smith
Associate Corps Officer—
Broomfield Corps
Envoys Randy and Sheryl Skelton
In-Charge—Denver West
Adams Corps
Effective – May 14, 2008

Captain Michael E. Lutcher
Youth and Candidates’ Secretary
Captain Kelley L. Lutcher
Christian Education Director
Major John M. Chamness
Administrator—KROC Center —Coeur d’ Alene
Major Lani Chamness
Associate Administrator—
KROC Center—Coeur d’ Alene
Majors Clem and
Evangeline Leslie
Corps Officers—Olympia Corps
Majors Myles and Jan Plummer
Directors—Social Services Seattle
Major David and
Captain Michelle Pierce
Corps Officers—Missoula Corps
Captains David and Lola Davis
Corps Officers—Longview
Temple Corps
Captains Dana and
Katheleen Johnson
Associate Corps Officers—
Spokane Citadel Corps
Captains Christopher and
Christa Mitchell
Corps Officers—KROC Center —Coeur d’ Alene
Captains Kyle and Lisa Smith
Corps Officers—Spokane
Citadel Corps

Captain Richard L. Pease
Divisional Finance Secretary
Captain Phyllis E. Pease
Assistant Community Care
Ministries Secretary
Captain Osei Stewart
Divisional Youth & Candidates’ Secretary
Captain Lynn A. Stewart
Divisional Guard and Sunbeam Director
Majors David and Diane Ebel
Corps Officers—Escondido Corps
Major Audrey Madsen
Resident Administrator—
Riverside Silvercrest—Senior
Citizens’ Residence
Effective—November 5, 2008
Captains Julius and
Shannon Murphy
Corps Officers—Moreno
Valley Corps

Captain John R. Stennett
Candidates’ Secretary
Captain Candy C. Stennett
Divisional Youth Secretary
Captain Derek S. Strickland
Finance Trainee
Captain Angela M. Strickland
Assistant Youth Secretary
Majors Ron and Keilah Toy
Corps Officers—Pasadena
Tabernacle Corps
Majors Julio and Karen Vasquez Corps Officers—Torrance Corps
Captains William and
Tolani Finley
Corps Officers—Ventura Corps
Captains John and Ruth Lee
Associate Corps Officers
Tustin Ranch Corps with
Responsibility for Korean Ministry
Captain Marcos E. Marquez
Associate Corps Officer—
Santa Ana Corps
Captains Rio and Rachel Ray
Corps Officers—Glendale Corps
Captains Mario and Claudia Ruiz
Corps Officers—Burbank Corps
Captains Timothy and Esther Hsu
Assistant Corps Officers —San Gabriel Corps
Effective—June 4, 2008
Envoy Carlos Souza
In-Charge—Redondo Beach Corps
Envoy Gildete Souza
Program Assistant—Redondo Beach Corps

Major Joy Lum
Additional Responsibilities-
Divisional Women’s Ministries Secretary
Major Sherry E. McWhorter
Divisional Social Services Secretary
Captain Christine Anderson
Assistant Divisional Women’s
Ministries Secretary
Major Peter J. Clack
Tucson City Coordinator
Major Estelle M. Clack
Director of Special Services—
Tucson City
Majors William and Beverly Cobb Corps Officers—Henderson Corps
Captains William and
Elizabeth Welch
Corps Officers—Casa Grande Corps
Captains Robyn and
Stephanie Bridgeo
Corps Officers—Tucson
Temple corps

Captain Robert J. Reardon
National Headquarters
Captain Amanda C. Reardon
National Headquarters
Captains Terrance and
Evadne Wright
New Zealand, Fiji and
Tonga Territory

Majors Myles and Jan Plummer
New Zealand, Fiji and
Tonga Territory
Captain Christine Anderson
Central Territory
Captains Robyn and
Stephanie Bridgeo
Eastern Territor

All appointments effective July 16, 2008, unless otherwise stated.

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