Teens to octogenarians refreshed at WBC

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by Nancy Dihle, Major –

Yvonne Bittle

Age meant little to delegates attending the Western Bible Conference. Those who could breeze along the pathways like the wind and those who were slowed by the beautiful hills felt the power of the Holy Spirit in the teaching and preaching.

A spry and sassy Yvonne Bittle turned 87-years-old on the day her corps left for the conference in a 15-passenger van. Her red hair was a testament to a woman who enjoys life and makes the most of every moment. She observed that “nothing could have kept me away from this experience. Not a broken-down van, not a broken-down body. God used this conference to strengthen our corps family and refresh my spirit.”

Kendra Lim and Tucson Lee are young Salvationists from the San Francisco area. Having the option of attending the teen or adult meetings, they opted to attend the meetings to hear Commissioner Israel Gaither and Dr. Ury. Kendra Lim was impressed with how well worship fit into the whole experience and Tucson was impressed with the preaching and teaching.

Kendra’s heart was touched in the teaching time by the idea of Jesus in the storm. When Jesus was asleep in the storm, he still took care of the disciples. She learned that we should “not worry but feel God’s peace in the storm.”

Like Winston Churchill, who said, “I am easily satisfied with the very best,” delegates young and young at heart left Asilomar with REFRESHED spirits because they had indeed seen and heard the best.

And for the kids…

And for the kids…

Children participate in age-appropriate activities

Artists provide unique worship experience

Artists provide unique worship experience

WBC delegates experience faith through visual art

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