Teens pledge to abstain from premarital sex

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Tucson Amphi Corps youth take a pledge of abstinence.

Thirteen young people recently stood before God and their fellow church members, promising to live a sexually pure life.

They were members of a class developed by Cherie Evans, youth pastor at the Tucson Amphi Corps.

To combat “casual sex” and its adverse effects on teens and society as a whole, Evans responded to a nudge from God to prepare an educational series on this subject for the kids at the corps.

Evans—a mother of two teenage girls—knew the stigma placed by the media on abstinence and the difficulty teens have in choosing a life of purity.

“God reminded me of a seminar at my previous church that was led by the Arizona Youth Partnership, so I called the pastor of the church and asked for contact information,” Evans said.

She and the pastor met and developed a curriculum that would be not only appealing, but also offer facts and statistics on lifestyle choices for youth.

Evans and her husband Mike then met with Captain Erin Kauffman, Amphi corps officer, who approved the plan and was eager to implement it.

Forty teenagers attended the four 2-hour Friday night meetings.

Topics explored included statistics and effects of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and teen pregnancy. Also covered were healthy boundary guidelines and practical ways to set up and maintain them. Each meeting ended in a time of Bible study, prayer, and discussion of what the Scriptures teach on each subject.

At the end of the four weeks, leaders planned a bowling “Purity Celebration Night” to commemorate completion of the course.

A “Purity Ceremony” gave each graduate an opportunity to make a covenant with God. This was when thirteen courageous young adults stepped forward—in front of the congregation—and took a vow of abstinence.

Cherie and Mike Evans are planning to enter officer training with The Friends of Christ Session in 2010.

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