Technology aids social services


GRADUATES OF THE recent social service software training class.

Technology and social services have crossed paths. The Information Technology (IT) department at territorial headquarters has written new software, which may be used by social service locations throughout the territory. The software is currently in use at 31 locations.

Social services personnel will be able to keep better track of households as well as all individuals that utilize their programs. Reports may also be generated, which will assist the location in generating funding, as well as fulfilling internal Salvation Army reporting requirements. Perhaps the most significant benefit is that the system calculates monthly statistics automatically.

“The response has been very positive. It is the desire of DHQ and corps to automate the record-keeping and reporting of social services,” says Richard Freeman, “evangelist” for the software.

Included in the software is a follow-up mechanism which reminds the case worker to check back with the family or individual at a later time to see how they are progressing.

Sierra Del Mar recently concluded a training class. “The system is fast and reliable. This is much needed software for our social service locations. It is clear that THQ and IT are committed to providing good quality software and support to the divisions,” said Debbie Wheeler.

The Gold Release was released on March 15, 2001, and contains many new features which were not available in earlier versions.

Any questions or comments may be directed to the Information Technology Department at Territorial Headquarters.

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