“Team” has new look, new focus



We will promote a life-long learning commitment among our people, helping them identify and use their gifts in service.

A new era has emerged. Master Leader Key has been reformatted and updated into TEAM (Teach, Equip, Affirm, and Multiply disciples).

TEAM discipleship starts at the cross where all may receive salvation as a gift from God. Life moves beyond the cross, as the Lord becomes the lord of all aspects of our lives. As we, in turn, become disciples of Jesus we must teach, equip, affirm and multiply fellow disciples.

Discipleship is a life-long process, and we become disciples in community (teamwork!). TEAM’s old logo was a circle with the words Discipleship and Leadership superimposed. The TEAM discipleship seminars will continue to include leadership development seminars; however this is only one of many components under the umbrella of discipleship.


Master Leader Key was a five seminar course that members could attend and graduate from.

However, since no one graduates from being a disciple, TEAM was born–an open-ended series of seminars to teach, equip, affirm and multiply disciples. Seminars offered include: Our Heritage (Salvation Army history), Cornerstones (doctrines ­ this seminar will be rewritten and released in May, 2002), Lifestyle Evangelism, Understanding People ­ Understanding personality types, The Making of a Leader, Basics of Discipleship ­ personal disciplines, Discipleship as a Lifestyle ­ dealing with temptation and stewardship, Discipleship through Small Groups, Discipleship through Mentoring, Servant Leadership, and Leadership through Spiritual Gifts.

Anyone age 14 and older is encouraged to attend these seminars. Seminars can be taken in any order and may be hosted by separate corps, a grouping of corps or by the division.

Available Languages

All seminars above are available in English and Spanish. The Look of the Leader, Discover your Destiny and Understanding People can only be taught by trained/certified instructors. Three seminars are now being released in Korean. These seminars are: “Basics of Discipleship,” “Lifestyle Evangelism” and “Servant Leadership.” In time, we will be translating further seminars into Korean.

Scheduling a Seminar

If you are interested in attending a seminar in the TEAM Discipleship curriculum, contact your corps officer and have them contact the TEAM discipleship coordinator at your divisional headquarters.

Seminars can be held at corps as part of an existing program or as a special event. The divisional TEAM coordinator will have many options and ideas to share with your corps officer.

The curriculum is in demand from other territories around the world, and as they avail themselves of the training so we should seize the opportunities we have to improve and develop our walk with the Lord. TEAM Discipleship!

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