Hodders make ‘lightning’ visits to 12 California corps

Territorial Leaders Commissioners Kenneth G. and Jolene K. Hodder traveled to 12 California corps in late July, continuing their “lightning” visits of The Salvation Army’s ministry in the Western Territory.

The Territorial Commander tweeted about the visits along the way:

#1: Oxnard Corps, Corps Officers Lts. Chelcee and Gregory Humphrey

“Lightning Visits – Summer 2019 – Round One – An exciting tour of the Oxnard Corps with Lts. Humphrey and their volunteer, Maria. This place is alive!”

Hodders with Lts. Humphrey and their volunteer, Maria

#2: Ventura Corps, Corps Officers Captains Joshua and Loreen Hamilton

“Quickly followed by a visit to Ventura, where Captains Joshua and Loreen Hamilton have just arrived. But their vision for the future is amazing. God bless Ventura!”

#3: Santa Barbara Corps, Corps Officers Jessyca and Timothy Carr

“My wife and I then stopped by the Santa Barbara Corps to see Majors Carr and Lt. Ohl. This will be a very fruitful ministry!”

Jolene K Hodder with Majors Carr and Lt. Ohl 

#4: Santa Maria Corps, Corps Officers Captains Juan and Patricia Torres

“Our last stop in Round One was Santa Maria, where Juan and Patricia Torres run almost everything with volunteers. And you should see his VBS backdrops and props. Gifted!”

#5: Lodi Corps, Corps Officers Majors Mark and Michelle Thielenhaus

“Round Two – A great visit today with Majors Mark and Michelle Thielenhaus in Lodi. We were there to welcome Captain Robin Swales, and there is no doubt that this will be a powerful team. Go Lodi!”

#6: Stockton Corps, Corps Officers Lts. Juan and Mony Oregel

“Lts. Juan and Mony Oregel (with Cory) are back home in Stockton. They’re already working closely with the Stockton ARC, and lives are being changed!”

Kenneth G Hodder with Lts. Juan and Mony Oregel 

#7: Modesto Corps, Corps Officers Majors Harold and Magaly Laubach

“The last visit this morning was with the new team in Modesto (Majs. Laubach and Capt. and Lt. Snyder). With their skills and this amazing facility, there’s no stopping them. Praise the Lord!”


#8: Turlock Corps, Corps Officer Major Debi Shrum

“First visit this afternoon was to Turlock, where we spent some time with Major Debi Shrum. Major Shrum was a recipient of the Divine Servant Award this year, and after seeing all she’s done over 17 years in Turlock, I am even more convinced that we made the right choice!”

Kenneth G Hodder with Major Debi Shrum

#9: Fresno Corps, Corps Officers Majors Carole and Daniel Abella

“Stopped by Fresno to greet Majors Danny and Carole Abella. What faithful and hard-working officers they are!”

#10: Clovis Corps, Corps Officers Captain Kalani Adams and Captain Jennie Onitsuka

“Finished today with the Onitsuka-Adams family. Clovis is blessed to have these fabulous people. More to come tomorrow!”


#11: Tulare Corps, Corps Officers Lts. Cynthia and Yonathan Escobar

“Lts. Yonathan and Cynthia Escobar have brought together two congregations in Tulare, and the Army is booming. Kids’ programs strong, greater presence in the community, and more service to others. Hallelujah!”

#12: Bakersfield Corps, Corps Officers Captains Heather and Kevin Pope

“Round Two of this summer’s Lightning Visits concluded today with a great time at the Bakersfield Corps. Captains Kevin and Heather Pope ably led their people in worship. The music was magnificent, and the message was solidly biblical, drawing many to the altar.”

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