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The self and gratitude

Giving thanks involves being grateful. Being grateful requires self-awareness—self-definition. Traditionally, the Thanksgiving holiday provides each of us with ... Read More
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We put the building blocks of life together in the home. There, we carefully initiate the process of establishing our identity, shaping our self-esteem, buildin... Read More

Empathic compassion

His rheumy eyes seemed on the verge of imminent discharge—without spark, listless, lacking in spirit—within ill fitting, almost hollow cavities in a tight, hard... Read More
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Economic justice

Right from the beginning, William Booth, founder of The Salvation Army, was concerned with poverty and all it brought with it. It simply didn’t seem just that t... Read More

Building people

Everyone believes that they know what and how children should become educated, and act unafraid in sharing that information. That includes me. Yet differing ... Read More
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Compassionate empathy

Except I am moved with compassion, How dwellest thy Spirit in me? Albert Orsborn asked that question for Salvationists a few decades ago, and it’s one we ne... Read More
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Generosity of spirit

Generosity is a spiritual word. It speaks of the type of relationship between a giver and a receiver. It synthesizes the “fruit of the spirit” listed by Paul... Read More
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Values imposition

We’re in the values education business. Our goal is to teach people to live God’s way as revealed in the life of Jesus—the Christ. If we live God’s way: He b... Read More