Man and woman smiling at each other

Missing person no more

The Salvation Army helped reunite a sister with the brother she didn’t know existed. After her mother’s death in March 2015, Lisa Bayard, 60, found a single ... Read More
hand holding phone

A text for help

Crisis Text Line engages with texters in moments of crisis and compiles data on the anonymous raw language texters use to teach us when crises are likely to hap... Read More
Outside view of prison tower

Reaching in

“When I was in jail the last couple of times, I was questioning everything I thought that was right. I found the Bible and God...It was a break from the madness... Read More
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Expanding minds

App collection lets kids create, test, play and learn Much like the way a good book can offer a new window to what is beyond our own domain, so too can inter... Read More