Finding Home

A place to call home

Does Scripture address the concept? Even those of us who grew up in transition or without a traditional home still understand the idealized concept of a home... Read More
drawing of family sitting down

Homeless to home

Illness and relocation left a family of seven out in the cold until they met The Salvation Army. Fifteen-year-old Kayden Kuewa quietly tucked his younger bro... Read More
house with wood walkway leading up to it at night


We put the building blocks of life together in the home. There, we carefully initiate the process of establishing our identity, shaping our self-esteem, buildin... Read More
Mother and Daughter hugging in street

Reconnecting family

“Family is what drives these searches. People might have everything else in place—their finances, shelter, food—but without that relative, they just don’t feel ... Read More
2 adults smiling at camera

Family Finds Hope

“When we became homeless, it made me feel as a mother like I couldn’t take care of my family,” said Iva Kuewa. “We were out on the street with basically nothing... Read More
Gift packs for veterans

Furnishings welcome vets home

The Salvation Army often helps veterans in need connect to housing, but the Army in Long Beach, Calif., took it a step further to offer “welcome home” gift pack... Read More
Paul Swain Fishing

Paul Swain

“Life was everything I wanted. Houses with ocean views. More licensed cars than licensed drivers. I was making a lot of money. It was just going great. We... Read More
Tree and road in fog

Finding home, again

Refugees set themselves apart as survivors, but they are not safe from the holds of addiction. Patrick’s family was strikingly different from other refugee f... Read More