Ten times home is the best feeling in the world

10 times home is the best feeling in the world

You know that feeling of home? The indescribable, but familiar comfort of a place that is yours, that is safe and warm, filled with love and loved ones? These are 10 times that home feels like the best thing in the world.

      When you unlock the door of your home after a long trip.

      When you get into your bed at home with crisp, clean sheets.

      When you stay home in pajamas while it’s raining with the windows open.

      When you make it back home after long run.

      When you don’t feel well, and you slump into your couch at home.

      When you get home from work and turn on your favorite music.

      When family comes to visit you at home.

      When you come home to a steaming crock pot dinner.

      When you’re the last one home and can hear family laughing inside.

      When you sit down to watch your favorite show at home.

10 Ways Home is the Best Feeling in the World
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